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GEO Semi Announces High Resolution ADAS and Autonomous Driving Systems Design Wins

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GEO Semiconductor Inc. (“GEO”), the market leader in camera video processors (CVP) for automotive cameras, today announced new design wins for Autonomous and ADAS system applications using the GW53x0 product and supporting high resolution and HDR processing.

GEO’s application specific camera video processors include both the GW4 and GW5 product lines. These products feature world class high dynamic range image processing, geometric processing, featuring GEO’s eWARP™ technology, overlay graphics, and in the case of the GW54x0, a DSP processor for computer vision processing.

Leveraging a versatile design architecture with a small package footprint, low power design, and low cost, without requiring an external DRAM memory, the GW4 and GW5 products stand out as a solution to a number of camera and video applications in the fast developing automotive market.

Today, GEO is engaged with multiple OEMs and industry processor partners for Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) system solutions. For these applications GEO’s GW53x0 product supports high resolution (8 megapixel), high dynamic range automotive image sensors with unique Color Filter Array patterns such as RGGB, RCCB, and RYYCy. The GW53x0 enables customers to customize the image quality to support viewing outputs as well as optimizing the tuning to feed today’s Computer Vision processors for decision making in ADAS or AD applications.

“The GW53x0s high resolution HDR capability, ASIL B support, and the eWARP® processors ability to correct distortion and provide Region of Interest (ROI) selection make it an ideal processor for many ADAS applications,” said John Casey, GEO VP and GM for Automotive. “With design wins at traditional OEM’s, many of the emerging AD system and ride sharing companies, as well as solutions with multiple Autonomous Driving chip suppliers, GEO is well positioned to participate in the next generation ADAS and AD automotive application space.”

The GW53x0 is in Mass Production, supports up to 12 megapixel resolution, full HDR processing, and is capable of processing RGGB, RCCB, and RYYCy color filter sensor designs. The product supports integration into ASIL B systems, and simultaneously outputs a YUV color processed video stream while providing a RAW video stream over CSI-2 MIPI outputs. The GW5300 is available in 7mm x 7mm BGA package with 0.50mm ball pitch and the GW5310 is available in 10mm x 10mm BGA package with 0.65mm ball pitch.

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GEO Semiconductor Inc. is a private fabless semiconductor company developing camera video processors for automotive viewing and ADAS cameras. GEO’s value proposition is to provide automotive Tier-1s with the best products, tools, and support to guarantee exceptional image quality and system performance. GEO is headquartered in San Jose, CA with global representation in the U.S., Canada, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. The company is led by world-class imaging and video professionals with extensive experience in research, implementation, and optimization of image signal processing, geometric processing, and computer vision processing for embedded platforms. Learn more at