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GetSwift Extends Free Last Mile Assistance to First Responders in Hurricane Laura Emergency

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GetSwift Limited (ASX: GSW) (‘GetSwift’ or the ‘Company’), a leading provider of SaaS logistics technology, has an extended an offer of assistance to first responders in the areas impacted by Hurricane Laura across Louisiana, Texas, and any other regions affected by this sad event.

“All of us at GetSwift are deeply saddened to see the devastation caused by Hurricane Laura and will do anything we can to help first responders deliver food and critical supplies to those in need,” GetSwift CEO Bane Hunter said. “We know from experience how important it is to ensure meals are delivered to people who are stranded and we can also help navigate regions without power where infrastructure has incurred serious damage.”

Early estimates from The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) indicate 350,000 people are without power in areas hit by Hurricane Laura and thousands of people have been told to shelter in place. FEMA has indicated it has ample food, water, tarps, and other supplies stockpiled for hurricane season but may face challenges reaching people in the most severely impacted areas.

GetSwift can provide services which include routing, navigation, and supply management to ensure first responders reach Texans, Louisianans, and anyone else suffering from hurricane damage. GetSwift will offer its services to FEMA, The American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, and any other first responders who need assistance.

GetSwift has previously worked with the State of Florida in a crisis-response program designed to sustain daily meal delivery during the coronavirus pandemic. The GetSwift platform was quickly adopted by local restaurants, enabling them to prepare and deliver thousands of meals to those in need across the state.

In addition, GetSwift has worked in several developing countries where infrastructure has been damaged from war and navigation is extremely challenging. The company is ready and able to rise to the occasion to minimize the impact of Hurricane Laura on American lives.

To learn more about how GetSwift can help, please do not hesitate to contact Chief Operating Officer Robert Bardunias at

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