Press release

Global Digital Economy Forum for Small and Medium Enterprises 2020 Held in Beijing

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On July 16, the Global Digital Economy Forum for Small and Medium Enterprises 2020 sponsored by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and organized by China Centre for International Science and Technology Exchange was held successfully in Beijing.

China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) looking closely at opportunities and challenges brought by digital economy to SMEs, has dedicated to building “Technological Innovation China” platform, maximizing its edge and wisdom in organization and leadership, introducing knowledge and talents, building social collaboration network, creating a productivity-research eco-system, boosting virtuous cycle and regional interaction between S&T, industry and finance, facilitating deeper merge between S&T and business, and will employ new generation of information technology to build new digital economic eco-system.

The forum was held online via new media throughout the process, themed “Digital Economy Challenges and Opportunities: SMEs Digital Transformation”, inviting domestic and world-renowned scholars, experts, entrepreneurs, directors from SMEs and policy makers to provide brainstorming ideas and experience reference that guide and facilitate SMEs digital transformation.

The agenda contains keynote report, summit dialogue and six sub-forums with the themes: Open Data: Unleashing the Original Drivers for New Factors; Cooperation and Symbiosis: New Practices of Platform-based Organizations; Building Platforms: Digital Technology Helps Companies Resume Work and Production; Open Ecology: Achieving Inclusive and Enabling Integration; Lean Startups: A Novel Mode for SMEs to Start New Business in Digital Economy; Bridging the Digital Divide: Addressing New Issues in Governance of the Digital Economy.

In the main forum, HUAI Jinpeng, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Secretary of the CAST, Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) delivered a keynote report on Converge SMEs to Drive Digital Economy; CHEN Liming, Chairman of IBM Greater China Group brought a keynote report on Digital Transformation of SMEs in a Global Economy; Eric Robert, OECD Digital Tax Policy Advisor delivered a keynote report on OECD Practice of Digital Tax; Michael Dowling, Member of the German Academy of Science and Engineering (Acatech) and Chairman of the MUNCHNER KREIS brought a keynote report on Innovative Business Models in the German “Mittelstand”; Anthony Cohn, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Turing Fellow gave a keynote report on Collaborative Intelligent Systems: Challenges and the Future; Hermann Simon, Management Thinker, Founder and Honorary Chairman of the Simon-Kucher&Partners, Founding Father of “Hidden Champions” shared a keynote report on Digital Economy: A New Opportunity for Sustainable Growth in SME. During the Summit Dialogue, guests held in-depth discussions on challenges, opportunities, collaborations, competitions and other issues confronted by SMEs in digital transformation.