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Global Shift to Remote Work Driving Strong Demand for X1 Remote Collection into RelativityOne® Platform

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X1®, the global leader in enterprise-class, distributed data discovery and compliance software, today reported strong demand for its innovative remote collection technology preserving and collecting Electronically Stored Information (ESI) into RelativityOne® and Relativity® workspaces globally. This demand has materialized despite federal, state and international courts of law being forced to close as part of COVID-19-instigated shutdowns. With these tribunals starting to reopen, the need for remote collection of ESI is forecasted to accelerate the rest of 2020 into 2021.

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The ‘new normal’ of a COVID-19-mandated remote workforce is changing myriad workflows, with data preservation and collection as part of investigations or litigation perhaps the most starkly outdated. The legacy forensic approach of massive overcollection using clumsy, outdated forensic tools to image entire drives through physical access to employee laptops and company servers is now even more inefficient. To meet these urgent client needs, X1’s Enterprise Platform and Social Discovery solution – available on-premise, on-demand and as Software-as-a-Service – deliver the workflow of the future now, providing enterprises and their law firms and service providers the ability to surgically collect data directly from source to RelativityOne or Relativity Server anywhere in the world in minutes, converting a slow, expensive and disruptive process into a quick, secure, cloud-based workflow.

“Moving from the legacy forensic-centric preservation and collection workflow to a faster, simpler and more cost-effective method of collecting ESI into RelativityOne has been a strategic priority for quite some time,” said Chris Brown, Chief Product Officer at Relativity. “But in today’s remote work environment, remote collection of ESI into RelativityOne is now a ‘must-have.’ We are excited that our strategic partnership with X1 allows RelativityOne customers to begin working on collected ESI in minutes or hours instead of months with outdated forensic tools.”

“COVID laid bare just how outdated the legacy forensic collection process requiring physical access to systems in order to image mountains of unresponsive and irrelevant data to then be taken back to a lab somewhere for processing and only then exported into a review and analytics platform has been,” said Craig Carpenter, CEO of X1. “It took many weeks or months and cost clients millions more than necessary and was simply no longer feasible. We at X1 and our partners at Relativity are committed to saving corporations millions by giving them a far quicker, more efficient and secure workflow. Data collection from source into RelativityOne begs to be simple, quick and cost-effective, with RelativityOne’s powerful analytics and review capabilities accessible to lawyers from the very outset of any matter. The strong early interest in the X1/Relativity integrated workflow is a clear signal that this partnership is delivering on that vision.”

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