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Global Trading Analytics, LLC and Babelfish Analytics Announce Pre-Trade GPS Tool to Identify Inaccessible Liquidity

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GTA Babelfish (GTAB), a leader in the Trading Cost Analysis (TCA) and Routing/Venue Analysis (RVA) field, is pleased to announce their ground breaking, web-based Pre-Trade GPS tool. This unique tool helps traders understand how increases in retail trading volume have diverted liquidity away from traditional institutional venues, and provide trade support regarding sourcing institutional liquidity.

GTA Babelfish’s Pre-Trade GPS applies a novel approach to aggregating market data. It provides the most comprehensive view available into dark pool, exchange, broker and market maker liquidity – both at the individual security level and in aggregate. This comprehensive view identifies inaccessible liquidity, which is critical to consider when selecting a trading strategy. GTA Babelfish’s Pre-Trade GPS is also useful for portfolio managers who are keen to understand portfolio liquidity characteristics and how to integrate inaccessible liquidity into the portfolio construction process.

“This year, constrained institutional liquidity, due to increased retail trading, has been the single largest contributor to overall transaction costs. A creative solution was needed. Our clients have seen their algorithms struggle to fill orders in this environment, and the data clearly shows why. We have aggregated many different sources of market data, some never before used by analytics providers, to fully understand market share,” said Jeff Alexander, Partner at GTA Babelfish. “The result is Pre-Trade GPS, and traders have been successfully using it to create trading strategies that take the unique liquidity characteristics of their orders into account.”

A leading buy side trader who beta-tested Pre-Trade GPS raved, “Understanding where stocks are trading is a GREAT place to start my order.”

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