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GoAskJay Creates On-Demand Marketplace That Is Changing The Insurance Quo

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GoAskJay is pleased to announce the release of their business and individual consumer marketplace in the United States to both businesses and individual consumers. GoAskJay is an on-demand insurance (adding fintech soon) marketplace tailored for any stage of your life or business. AI is used to match products to customers that provides true custom solutions.

Traditional insurance shopping has been an overwhelming task that is determined by the calendar and generally doesn’t address the consumers’ needs.

The GoAskJay marketplace was built by insurance and tech experts that used years of research and analysis to build a better way to obtain insurance. The insurance industry has been stagnant and even though some insurtech platforms generate on-demand solutions, no one has built a holistic approach to fit into a lifestyle…until now. On GoAskJay, all products and policies are intended to be flexible to fit everyone’s unique lifestyle. Whether it’s one person or 10,000, enrollments are fast, flexible and streamlined.

Uni Yost, CEO of GoAskJay, said, “The goal of GoAskJay is to Change Lives For The Better.”

Market Expansion:

GoAskJay has quickly grown to offer 30+ products through vetted companies and is expected to add 30 more companies to the marketplace in 2020. With the addition of channel partners, the expected reach of the marketplace will reach 25 million people in 2020. The reception of our marketplace has been overwhelmingly positive with partnerships of some of the largest brands.

Next Steps:

GoAskJay is continuously vetting innovative products/companies and is adding fintech solutions to the marketplace, along with business services. It is a true lifestyle company and will be able to cover and protect individuals and companies, with whatever products they need. GoAskJay constantly updates and stays relevant in today’s marketplace. GoAskJay will provide consulting services in Q2 with business services using their experience and expertise.

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GoAskJay is an on-demand insurance & financial marketplace tailored for any stage of your life or business. We use AI to match products to customers and have great humans to give you the experience you deserve. We are changing the face of insurance.