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GoCo Launches New Feature for Managing & Tracking COVID-19 Paid Leave

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GoCo, a leading provider of cloud-based HR, benefits, and payroll software, today announced a new feature built to help businesses handle new regulations and processes related to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).

In response to the law, which was effective April 1, 2020, GoCo began development of a feature specifically to track and manage COVID-19 Paid Leave. GoCo’s built-in leave policies for both Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Emergency FMLA ensure businesses are tracking leave requests in compliance with the FFCRA, and will be prepared to get reimbursed via the government tax credit.

How GoCo Can Help

GoCo’s COVID-19 Paid Leave feature calculates the correct amount of leave time for each policy, asks the employee to provide the correct documentation, and allows the employee to select from government approved reasons for the request. On top of simplifying the employee experience for understanding and requesting leave, GoCo has streamlined the process for employers to track the leave taken and generate reports that can be used to run payroll and get the qualified tax credits.

“As soon as the Families First Coronavirus Response Act was announced, we heard from HR professionals that the new rules were confusing and difficult to track and manage,” said Nir Leibovich, CEO and Founder of GoCo. “With our new COVID-19 Paid Leave feature, we’re hoping to alleviate some of that burden for small businesses, and make it really easy for their employees to request time off if they need it while keeping the employers in compliance.”

Not only is GoCo giving businesses everything they need to quickly track and implement new paid leave policies, but GoCo is also working with the human resources community to provide educational materials to help HR professionals understand the new rules and regulations. GoCo produced a webinar featuring a panel of HR experts, as well as numerous written resources that are available for free on their website.

You can learn more and schedule a demo of GoCo’s COVID-19 Paid Leave at

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