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GoGuardian Adds Video Conferencing Designed for K-12 Schools

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GoGuardian, an education technology company supporting K-12 schools through powerful tools and research, today announced it is launching a video conferencing service built specifically for education within GoGuardian Teacher™. Video Conferencing for GoGuardian Teacher includes 1:1 or group audio and video calling, screen sharing, and lesson recording capabilities to support teachers and their students wherever they are in their educational setting. Built to support K-12 schools as they prepare for fall classes, GoGuardian Teacher’s video conferencing ensures that teacher and student connection can take place through video and audio, while limiting the amount of tools teachers need to run online or hybrid classrooms.

Teachers and schools are preparing for a new academic year unlike any in modern history, and video conferencing will likely be a part of that preparation. To support educators aiming to engage and collaborate with their students this fall, GoGuardian has released a video conferencing service built uniquely and specifically for educators. Additional features announced in GoGuardian Teacher include 1:1 and group video and audio calling, screen-sharing and lesson recording options to help bolster the classroom environment, regardless of a school’s back-to-school plan this fall.

“Schools are adopting video tools to meet the needs of their students this upcoming school year, however, many of these tools are not built for the educational setting,” said Tyler Shaddix, chief product officer at GoGuardian. “School communities should have a long-term solution designed with them in mind. With GoGuardian Teacher video conferencing, we can continue to provide seamless support to classrooms, no matter where teachers or students are located.”

New key features in GoGuardian Teacher include:

  • Video Conferencing: GoGuardian’s video conferencing was built with teachers and students in mind, and it ensures that a school district’s safety and security policies are met. This feature provides teachers with the ability to initiate group video conferencing with session-level management to limit distractions, while also giving administrators additional policy controls.
  • 1:1 Video and Audio Calling: Teachers using GoGuardian Teacher can initiate 1:1 video and audio calls quickly and easily with individual students. This allows teachers to answer questions or help guide students through an assignment, facilitating an engaging interpersonal experience for both students and teachers.
  • Screen sharing with video and audio: The new screen-sharing functionality gives teachers an added ability to present their instructional content while ensuring that students are following along with the lesson. This helps to replicate the experience of teaching in the classroom during remote learning sessions.
  • Lesson Recording: With this new feature, teachers can record their sessions safely and securely to later share with their students.
  • Security and Privacy: Unlike other video calling tools, students have an additional privacy option to decline video recording permission, which turns off their audio and video, while still enabling them to listen in on a teacher-initiated call.

To learn about GoGuardian’s video conferencing and additional feature capabilities in GoGuardian Teacher, visit the links below:

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