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Golden Poppy Inc Launched First Augmented Reality Mobile Outdoor Game at CES to Promote STEM Learning in Action for Girls

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Golden Poppy Inc debuted an all-new, immersive, educational, augmented reality gaming system that accelerates girl’s higher-order engineering, English language arts, social and emotional development in a play-based mobile outdoor fairy tale with: Mysterious Disappearance of Unicorn Blue at CES 2020 earlier this month. The premiere box suite is currently available for order on at an introductory price for USD 49.99, 10% off the retail price.

“By playing this game girls learn to think and behave like a champion,” shared Founder and mother of three Carrol Titus. “Our goal with this new game is to help young girls develop self-awareness and skills to collaborate, negotiate, connect to nature, bond with friends, acquire a new fairy tale, read, problem solve, gain new skills in STEM, fly in 3D and spontaneously sprint like a magical unicorn with joyful self-expression.”

Positioned as the only girl’s game globally to integrate the best of physical, digital and biological play, The Mysterious Disappearance of Unicorn Blue took three years to perfect. Well received at CES in early January and nominated for a KAPi award in STEM, the premiere box suite includes an augmented reality group and selfie photo booth to discover the magic of friendship and unicorns. The game also showcases an Enchanted 3D Forest – where girls learn to fly, jump and spin like fairy-astronauts, and features exclusive STEM videos that extend the skills learned from playing the game.

For more information or to place an order today, visit Available on iOS and Android.

About Golden Poppy Inc

Founded in 2019, Golden Poppy Inc is a startup with offices in Silicon Valley and Delaware. The startup was founded by Carrol Titus, wife, mother of three, former tech (Cisco, Sun, Visa) and start-up (Collinear Networks, Intensivate, Ujama) executive and graduate of Santa Clara’s Graduate School of Business in Information Systems and Game Theory and is a Woeffel Scholarship Winner. As a whole, the Golden Poppy Inc team consists of parents, grandparents, caregivers, early learning experts, fine-artists, innovators and technologists. Golden Poppy’s aim is to make every girl the champion of her own story and to realize the unicorn within. For more information, visit