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 Gollgi Statement: “Two Routes for Dealing With Google Monopoly”

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Gollgi has issued the following statement regarding the best method for dealing with a Google monopoly:

Ongoing moves by the government to address the seemingly unassailable position of Google within the digital world can have significant ramifications for online businesses across the world. While some push for the forced breakup of Google, innovative e-commerce platform Gollgi argues: “…. this is not the best approach”. Instead, it prefers to find ways to take away Google’s competitive advantage without stifling the innovation and technical excellence that Google brings to the table.

Gollgi does not agree with the current assessment of the situation. Gollgi’s president, Eitan Koren, explained, “They are simply a vertical software company. Why do Apple or Microsoft fail to succeed in creating applications that people love to use? People prefer to use Google because it’s simple and free”. This is the key factor in Google’s ability to take massive market share. They can effortlessly funnel consumers into Chrome’s browser, and into Android’s operating system, relishing its advantage on their adversary.

Gollgi doesn’t believe that the government can create an effective argument against Google’s supposed monopoly as there are plenty of competitors out there with the capacity to challenge them. In fact, search services like Duck Duck Go and Microsoft’s Bing are providing a challenge.

According to Google, “People use Google because they choose to, not because they’re forced to, or because they can’t find alternatives”, that permit them to answer to themselves, but now Google must answer to the Government.

Google AdWords and AdSense (62% of 160B income) are market leaders; however, they continue to show widespread issues from mistaken clicks to automated bot traffic. Advertising industry opt into such practices knowing Google is generating revenue that is bad for consumers and businesses, but they show modest endeavors to refute.

Nothing points to a different outcome this time, unless the government takes these two routes:

  • USA android devices to be delivered without pre-installed Google apps.
  • Implement zero tolerance to fraudulent AdWords/ AdSense click charges.

About Gollgi:

Founded in 2016, Gollgi is an e-commerce platform designed to connect buyers with sellers through an open request-based market network. In lieu of the present click fraud that has become more pressing than ever, Gollgi is an alternative to PPC by enabling sellers to generate clicks on buyers’ requests.