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GRASS™ Opportunity Zone Fund Now Open to Investors of All Levels Offers Many Tax Benefits

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Growth Resources, Assets, Safety, & Stability (“GRASS™”)—a qualified opportunity zone fund focused on applying cutting-edge technology to complex compliance processes, is pleased to announce their Reg A+ funding round is now open. While most Opportunity Zone and other tax-deferred investments are reserved for the very wealthy, GRASS™ is open to investors of all income and experience levels, and is the first-to-market RegA+ opportunity zone fund.

GRASS™ offers major tax benefits to investors of all levels because it is both a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund (“QOZF”) as well as an IRS designated Qualified Small Business Stock (“QSBS”). The minimum investment is $1,000. GRASS™ invests in two areas: blockchain-based SaaS for regulatory compliance, and aviation innovations in government and the private sector.

The SaaS investment is in Sierra Software Systems, which designs and customizes their blockchain-based software for implementation in many highly regulated government and business sectors, each with multi-billion-dollar potential.

Aviation investments in the fund focus on innovators in government and the private sector who are replicating and scaling aviation businesses in current and additional Opportunity Zones including SAMSARG, Inc. and GA Hangars.

SAMSARG secures high-tech hangar facilities that require focused specifications to service transport and cargo aircraft, including security system installation, additional maintenance and complex compliance documentation. Private aviation was on the rise before COVID-19 and is expected to continue.

GA Hangers offers new construction of advanced aircraft hangars adjacent to SAMSARG military (Department of Defense compliant) facilities within the Opportunity Zone. New constructions are designed to attract government, corporate and wealthy clients. GA Hangars offers new construction to serve TRIC corporations’ travel needs while offering a short trip between Nevada’s TRIC and Silver Springs Regional Airport (as opposed to Reno International). GA Hangars also provides tailored service, maintenance, and other high-margin services.

Investor considerations for GRASS™

  • GRASS™ is a diversified high-growth opportunity zone fund focused on aviation and compliance-SaaS.
  • A Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS): every investor that holds the fund for 5 years + 1 day can receive 10 times their cost basis + their original investment back TAX-FREE every year going forward, up to a maximum of $10 million in tax-free gains through IRC 1202.
  • Opportunity Zone Fund Qualification allows the transfer, deferral, or elimination of capital gains taxes.
  • No general or limited partners—just shareholders, who are treated equally no matter how much or how little they invest.
  • For corporate governance purposes, each shareholder has one vote. Whether you buy one share or a thousand, you have equal say in our company.
  • No carried interest to pay fund managers at the expense of regular shareholders.
  • Profits aren’t used to reward insiders—they are reinvested back into the business.

GRASS™’s leadership team is seasoned and experienced with a network of contacts in the military, aerospace, and aviation spaces, as well as business and construction management. Leadership includes Don Harmer, Greg Johnson and Dan Shore. Don Harmer is president and CEO of GRASS™. Don is also president and CEO of Corporate Services of Nevada. Greg Johnson is president and CEO of SAMSARG. A U.S. Air Force veteran, Greg boasts more than 40 years of experience in the defense aerospace industry. Dan Shore is president and CEO of RAGSS. As both a founding investor in GRASS™ and officer of RAGSS, Dan brings decades of experience in real estate to the GRASS™ mission.

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Securities are offered pursuant to Regulation A+ by C2M Securities, LLC, an SEC registered, FINRA member broker-dealer. Investors are encouraged to read the Offering Circular and exhibits and consult with their tax, legal, or financial professional prior to investing.