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Great Plains Bank Increases Staff’s Digital Knowledge by 24 Percent Through LemonadeLXP

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Great Plains Bank selected LemonadeLXP, the all-in-one learning experience platform for financial institutions; and Digital Academy, a customer-facing support website with technology walkthroughs and simulations, to turn the bank’s staff into digital experts capable of helping its customers transition smoothly to digital banking.

Great Plains is a community bank focused on exceeding customer expectations and providing modern, convenient services. Headquartered in Elk City, Okla., the bank wanted to find innovative methods to increase its staff’s knowledge of the bank’s processes to efficiently recommend the proper solutions and offerings when customers needed assistance. With LemonadeLXP, the bank offers its employees a comprehensive learning solution in a game-based environment to improve learning and reduce time to proficiency thereby enabling them to better help customers.

Employees at Great Plains started with a 69 percent baseline knowledge of the bank’s digital channels and after using LemonadeLXP, the score rose to 93 percent. Additionally, out of the registered learners, 67 percent of employees are considered active learners as they continue to return to the training often.

“LemonadeLXP truly is a best-in-class training platform that delivers on its promises,” said Lindsey Hopkins, chief growth officer at Great Plains Bank. “Its team members are as responsive, helpful and knowledgeable as any I’ve worked with before, and the engagement and excitement that its game-based platform has created throughout our workforce has already been transformative. We now have the ability to distribute training materials in multiple media formats, including invaluable hands-on demos, allowing us to reach all types of learners throughout our organization the way they learn best.”

LemonadeLXP has advanced analytical features that allow Great Plains to track employee progress for various courses and games. This allows executives to understand what content the staff needs additional training on.

To help customers easily learn its digital offerings, Great Plains selected Digital Academy to allow the bank to quickly author online walkthroughs, app simulations, loan application guides, videos and more. It also assists customers’ transition to digital banking products through its easy-to-use guides which allows customers to practice technology in a risk-free environment.

“It has been incredible to witness the knowledge growth that Great Plains has undergone during our partnership,” said John Findlay, CEO of LemonadeLXP. “Through both LemonadeLXP and Digital Academy, the bank was able to experience better training outcomes for its staff and provide its customers with the enhanced learning experience they are demanding. Great Plains recognized the need to increase its learning in a way which keeps employees engaged, and we are looking forward to further developing its staff into digital ambassadors.”

About LemonadeLXP

LemonadeLXP is a SaaS learning experience platform that helps financial institutions with the human side of digital transformation. LemonadeLXP drives customer adoption of the bank’s new tech by transforming frontline staff and customers into digital experts. For more information, contact