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GreenKey Releases NLP Tool for Hedge Funds

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GreenKey (GK), creator of natural language processing (NLP) workflows for sales and trading, has released its latest version of the “Focus Studio” application designed specifically for hedge funds. Focus Studio is used by bank sales teams to customize NLP on their desktop, to find client insights – such as OTC quotes and trades – within emails, instant messages, and phone calls to deal with increasing amounts of conversational data. The highlighted insights are delivered as daily reports or used to power real-time automation such as chat bots. However, this latest version of Focus Studio now includes NLP models designed specifically for hedge funds to help them cope with the amount of unstructured text they read in order to generate trade ideas.

These new NLP models are trained on real sell-side human analysts to capture their insights and include the ability to rapidly customize those models through a quick annotation process. Traders will select from the provided base models called “trusted curators” and can even ask their favorite sell-side research analyst to create and contribute one. The custom model collection can then be fed thousands of documents and will identify trending topics, intents, entities, and can even provide innovative raw sentiment scores such as “word disfluency”. The pre-trained models also include in-depth product knowledge across global fixed income, credit, equities, FX, and commodity markets.

“NLP is already changing the way sales and trading occurs on the sell-side, enabling a wave of automation and insight generation across various workflows,” said Anthony Tassone, GK Founder and CEO. “Now the buy-side can begin to leverage NLP to automate and scale their analysis, while retaining the “trusted curator” role of the sell-side research provider and analyst.”

Focus Studio is a comprehensive, flexible ecosystem of tools, models, and community resources that let users build and deploy NLP-powered workflows on premise or in the cloud.

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GreenKey Technologies (GK) is the creator of a patented speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing (NLP) platform that recognizes complex jargon across real-time audio and text sources and transforms them into actionable insights. GK converts disparate communications streams into structured data tools that help banks, trading firms, and emergency services operators automate complex workflows. Based in Chicago with offices in New York and London, GK is the premier insights recognition solution for global financial markets. For more information, please visit