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Grove and Netography Partner to Bring Netography Distributed IPS to Grove Customers

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Netography, which turns any network asset into a security device using a cloud-native Distributed Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), today announced that Managed Security Provider Grove will be the first reseller for Netography’s Distributed IPS throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Grove serves more than 2,500 customers globally, deploying solutions to over 800,000 users. Netography is now added to a best-of-breed cybersecurity portfolio for Grove that includes Cylance, Darktrace, Kenna Security, Mimecast, and Proofpoint.

“At Grove, we partner with only the best players in the market, to protect our customers against cyber risks,” said Pip Witheridge, Chairman of Grove. “We are thrilled to add Netography to this roster. Their Distributed IPS is unlike anything else in the market today, in terms of its simplicity, ease of use, and ability to automatically detect and remediate so many different kinds of attacks without having to add devices or overhead to existing infrastructure. The addition of Netography to our portfolio allows us to continue to be at the forefront in protecting customers against the modern threat environment.”

Netography turns any network asset into a security device using a cloud-native Distributed Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), enabling network and security professionals to investigate and remedy the modern threat environment with speed and autonomy. Netography’s Distributed IPS continuously, automatically detects and remediates malicious traffic, including DDoS attacks, botnets, data extraction, login attempts, and more. It ingests all common flow data via a proprietary cloud flow collector. Each flow is enriched with a deep level of security, business, and performance detail and is also monitored by proprietary algorithms. Algorithms can trigger comprehensive business logic to do anything from re-route networks to defend your global infrastructure.

“US-based organizations are already benefiting from the power of Netography’s Distributed IPS, and we are excited to now be able to offer this service to customers across EMEA,” said Gus Cunningham, Chief Revenue Officer for Netography. “We could not ask for a better first partner in the region than Grove. Their continued ability to deliver world-class service on top of the industry’s best security technologies has driven strong customer loyalty and a fantastic reputation as one of the premier managed security providers. Their customers will now be the first in EMEA to benefit from the simplicity and automatically improved security posture that Netography provides.”

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Netography turns any network asset into a security device using cloud-based Distributed IPS and provides telemetry to discover threats that typically go unseen. The Netography Distributed IPS studies enterprise networks and provides remediation from a security and performance perspective, while also increasing situational awareness via real-time telemetry, APIs, and tools. With Netography, enterprise security and operations teams can now turn a standard network into an intelligently self-correcting system. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter @netography, or request additional information at