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Growth of NextPlane’s ConverseCloud Service Shows Increasing Demand for Interoperability and Federation Between Collaboration Platforms

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With the growing adoption of its ConverseCloud solution, NextPlane,
the leader in enterprise-class federation and interoperability services,
continues to expand its large base of Global 5000 customers using the
services to provide federated presence, chat, channels, and file sharing
between disparate collaboration platforms inside or outside the

Through NextPlane’s ConverseCloud service, companies around the world
can communicate seamlessly within their company, as well as collaborate
externally with their partners, customers, and suppliers. NextPlane’s
customers are a part of the largest connected global network of
federation-ready companies with over 750,000 enterprise users exchanging
over 500 million messages daily on collaboration platforms. The company
also has 13 customers paying $100,000 or more for the ConverseCloud

acts as a federation and interoperability hub between UC and Team
Collaboration platforms. As a result, IT can connect different UC and
Team Collaboration platforms being used within the enterprise, or
federate disparate platforms externally with customers, partners or
suppliers across the enterprise. Additionally, ConverseCloud can ensure
collaboration and communication continuity during a planned migration
from legacy UC solutions to new Team Collaboration platforms.

ConverseCloud also provides an enterprise-class, secure management
portal where administrators can quickly onboard their company’s UC and
TC domains and connect with the largest global network of
federation-ready companies. The management portal’s dashboard provides
customers with trailing 12 months of charts and graphs depicting the
number of unique users, as well as how many messages were exchanged.

Fragmented Collaboration Heightens the Need for Interoperability and
Federation Solutions

According to a recent
report by NextPlane
, more than two-thirds (67%) of end-users are
introducing their own collaboration tools into the workplace, and at the
same time, the majority (82%) are pushing back against IT or management
when the company tries to dictate which collaboration tools are used.

The proliferation of new team collaboration tools like Slack and
Microsoft Teams, powered by a groundswell of user preference, is leading
to a fragmented marketplace of collaboration options and challenges.
These platforms are not designed to interoperate with each other,
requiring companies to find a solution that allows users to communicate
with any team on any platform, anywhere.

NextPlane CEO Farzin Shahidi founded NextPlane in 2007 with the vision
to forge truly productive communication in a modern business world by
breaking down the barriers to open collaboration.

“The promise of collaboration software is to facilitate business
communication and productivity, but enterprise IT departments are facing
an increasing number of silos that make communications internally and
externally between different teams impossible,” Shahidi said.

“ConverseCloud is the only market-proven solution that breaks down the
interoperability walls between collaboration platforms – legacy UC
solutions or newer team collaboration platforms – by allowing employees,
teams, customers, suppliers, and partners to communicate seamlessly and
securely, regardless of their collaboration platform,” continued Shahidi.

About NextPlane:

NextPlane, the leading provider of federation and interoperability
services for collaboration platforms, helps enterprises seamlessly
connect any internal or external team across UC and team collaboration
platforms. NextPlane’s ConverseCloud service delivers interoperability
across 30 different UC and Team collaboration platforms, delivering
seamless usability of chat, presence, file sharing, rich text, emojis,
and other core collaboration functions. The service supports federation
between major collaboration platforms, from legacy Unified
Communications solutions like Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber to team
collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Cisco Webex Teams
and others.

NextPlane seamlessly connects 750,000 enterprise users every day from
thousands of Global 5000 companies, enabling real-time communication
regardless of different internal or external collaboration platforms.
The enterprise-class service connects over 500 million messages every
day across large enterprises. NextPlane CEO Farzin Shahidi founded the
company with the vision to forge truly productive communication in a
modern business world by breaking down barriers to comprehensive
collaboration. The company is based in Sunnyvale, California.