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GT Software Announces Releases of NetCOBOL for Linux and .NET Platforms

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GT Software, a leader in digital transformation and modernization, announces the global distribution and availability of NetCOBOL® for Linux V12.2, which enables customers to run NetCOBOL and their applications on Red Hat Linux 8, the most recent and up-to-date operating system. The compiler allows organizations to connect COBOL to Linux to create flexible, future-proof enterprise systems. Also available is NetCOBOL® for .NET V8.0.2, which provides support for Visual Studio 2019 and newer .NET framework which helps organizations to save time, increase performance and allow real-time collaboration with others.

NetCOBOL for Linux V12.2, supported on Red Hat Linux V8, includes a web browser interface and a faster, more secure platform to run NetCOBOL applications. Specifically, system libraries that NetCOBOL depends on are now upgraded to remove unsecure legacy protocols and now supports newer network security packages, adding an additional layer of protection to an organization’s servers.

“The newest releases for NetCOBOL provide a faster and more capable platform for our customers to run their NetCOBOL applications,” said Alex Heublein, President of GT Software. “As the worldwide distributor of Fujitsu NetCOBOL outside of Japan, we are proud to deliver a product that can help our customers save time while simultaneously improving their business performance.”

NetCOBOL is a powerful, enterprise-class COBOL compiler and runtime environment that improves the efficiency of development processes. It offers superior performance, scalability and security while eliminating associated runtime fees. A highly structured ANSI standard development environment, NetCOBOL takes advantage of the rich historical features of COBOL, allowing organizations to prepare for the future by being able to replace text screens with graphics, build customer web portals and use relational databases. Organizations can bring together both mainframe and non-mainframe programmers to work more efficiently to help take their business to the next level.

NetCOBOL for Linux V12.2 and NetCOBOL for .NET V8.0.2 are both available immediately from GT Software.

About GT Software

GT Software empowers many of the world’s largest companies — Credit Suisse, AXA, AFLAC and Caterpillar — to accelerate their IT modernization efforts. By enabling companies to connect legacy mainframe assets with modern, cloud-based systems, GT removes a major roadblock for Fortune 1000 companies looking to elevate their customer experience. Pioneering the modernization movement across the globe, GT Software allows mainframes to be part of modern technology ecosystems in real-time. GT Software is proud to help lead innovation with its 35+ years of mainframe expertise.