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GT Software Releases Ivory Suite 6.5 Update

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GT Software, a leader in digital transformation and modernization, announces the launch of a software update to their flagship integration platform Ivory Suite 6.5. This release provides support for OpenAPI Specification, improved automated creation of Ivory projects through OpenAPI reference documents, upgraded security, and superior callable program generation.

With greater support for the Swagger and OpenAPI Specifications, users can import interface files using these standards to quickly create sophisticated RESTful web services that access their mainframe transactions and data. Increased keyword support and the ability to import YAML specification documents allow a broader range of API definitions to be used with Ivory. The ability to use standard interface files ensures conformity and reusability with other systems in the enterprise.

Furthermore, organizations utilizing Ivory to scale their development pipeline will welcome new features in version 6.5 that automate the production of OpenAPI web services through Ivory Wizards and improved command-line interface support. Ivory 6.5 also supports the generation of “callable services,” which allow existing mainframe applications to make web service calls to external APIs. This feature significantly extends legacy applications’ functionality and is a critical feature for modernization and migration efforts.

Several other improvements included in this release build upon the strong foundation of features already available in Ivory. These include:

  • Support for Security authorization facility (SAF) pass tickets
  • JSON Web Token (JWT) support for bearer token generation
  • Dynamic array processing for large or complex payloads
  • Increased support for integrations with IMS applications
  • Increased HTTP header configuration options

“The fact that our new Ivory 6.5 release supports the OpenAPI Specification is extremely important in helping our customers achieve speed to innovation,” said Alex Heublein, President of GT Software. “Ivory 6.5 will allow us to better serve the fast-changing needs of our customers, and we look forward to continuing to improve our integration platform.”

About GT Software

GT Software empowers many of the world’s largest companies — Credit Suisse, AXA, AFLAC and Caterpillar — to accelerate their IT modernization efforts. By enabling companies to connect legacy mainframe assets with modern, cloud-based systems, GT removes a major roadblock for Fortune 1000 companies looking to elevate their customer experience. Pioneering the modernization movement across the globe, GT Software allows mainframes to be part of modern technology ecosystems in real-time. GT Software is proud to help lead innovation with its 35+ years of mainframe expertise.