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GumGum Partners with Ad Council on Campaign to Slow the Spread of Coronavirus

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GumGum, Inc., an artificial intelligence company specializing in solutions for advertising and media, today announced that it is working with the Ad Council on its efforts to communicate messaging that will help slow the spread of COVID-19. The company teed off the Ad Council’s coronavirus messaging efforts when it began serving in-screen ads featuring the hashtag #AloneTogether to communicate the importance of social distancing. GumGum initiated the pro bono campaign just three days after the Ad Council announced that it planned to launch national PSAs in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“When the Ad Council announced their PSA plans, we immediately let them know that we wanted to help, because we trust and admire all the work they do, and we have a platform specialized in targeting digital audiences at a time when so many are online seeking for information,” said GumGum CEO Phil Schraeder. “We turned around the campaign in less than 48 hours because we felt a real urgency about this message. Social distancing works, but you need to start early and get everyone participating.”

This year, in partnership with the Ad Council, GumGum began developing GumGum Smile, a unique platform experience aimed to amplify the Ad Council’s messaging initiatives. GumGum had planned to inaugurate the program in April, funding a new campaign featuring GumGum’s new In-Video ad format, with the number of ads donated determined by the company’s sales revenue. With the #AloneTogether in-screen campaign launched Friday, GumGum Smile is getting an early start.

“We are truly inspired by how our partners across the media, marketing, advertising, technology and entertainment industries have come together to get critical and urgent messaging out to the American public in response to the crisis,” said Kathy Kayse, Chief Media Strategy and Partnerships Officer at the Ad Council. “GumGum’s proactivity and agility in getting a campaign launched were remarkable and we are so glad to have their support.”

GumGum has not set an end date for its #AloneTogether campaign and has placed no cap on the number of impressions it will serve. Within the next week, GumGum plans also to launch a separate campaign utilizing its In-Video ads to deliver the Ad Council’s message.

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