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Guru IoT Enters North American Pet Products Market With FCC-Certified Pet Sitter Robot PEDDY

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Guru IoT, Korean IoT products developer, announced that it would move into the North American pet device market with its pet sitter robot PEDDY. The pet caring robot earned a certification with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

The PEDDY, which is already under field test in the United States and Canada, can be used for video-chatting, automatic feeding, and safety check while the pet owner is away from home. With the pet industry set to grow quickly, the demand for the PEDDY is expected to increase as well.

The companion pet caring robot PEDDY, which is used in combination with a smartphone by placing it on the robot and establishing a connection through an app, can play with a pet, keep an eye on for safety accidents, and relieve the loneliness of a pet left home alone, as well as providing food at preset time intervals.

The robot supports features including indoor self-driving using IoT, home closed-circuit TV, automatic feeder, and other supervision functionalities custom-tailored to each pet’s needs.

A Guru IoT official said, “With PEDDY, pet owners can talk with their pets on the video screen while they are away from home. As the robot is equipped with the emotional interaction function, it can help pets cope with the COVID-19 blues due to less frequent outings.”

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