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Gutenberg Technology Adds Leading Industry Expert Ken Brooks to Advisory Board

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Gutenberg Technology (GT), provider of the premier end-to-end content management platform, today announced the appointment of Ken Brooks to its advisory board, effective immediately. Brooks, the founder of Treadwell Media Group and former Chief Operating Officer and Chief Content Officer at Macmillan Learning and Wiley, respectively, will help GT continue its explosive growth by providing counsel on global edtech strategy, platform design, lean content development, and forming strategic partnerships.

Brooks has held leadership roles in content management operations helping publishers and education technology companies realign their organizations, processes, and technology to address disruptions to their markets, products, and business models.

Over the course of a 30-year career, Brooks has established himself as one of the top industry experts and a strong advocate for what he has labeled “Lean Content Development,” which optimizes content creation, production, and distribution processes to lower production cost, accelerate time to market, and enhance the operational agility of education publishing companies.

“Having worked in senior-level roles at some of the leading education publishers, I’ve seen firsthand the operational and change management challenges that these organizations face. However, the sense of urgency amongst publishers to address these challenges now is something I have not seen before. GT provides the best suite of tools in the market to assist publishers with evolving their internal content development operations to meet their customers’ demands and changing market dynamics,” said Brooks. “Working with GT over the last 12 months, I’ve been very impressed with how their platform significantly accelerates time to market, enhances product market fit, and inspires content and product teams to work on higher value add items, ultimately leading to higher quality content and better learner outcomes. So, I’m thrilled to work with Gjergj and his team to help take GT to its next level of growth.”

GT’s award-winning end-to-end content management platform helps organizations collaboratively create and distribute content at scale. The comprehensive platform streamlines the process of creating digital and print products for multiple end-user audiences from a single workflow. Sophisticated tools enable customers to efficiently reuse content and concurrently assemble product versions for multiple audiences, such as students and instructors, and simultaneously publish or refresh content to any courseware, Learning Management System (LMS), application, or other digital or print channel.

“This has been the most exciting time for GT as the demand for our platform has never been higher,” said GT President and CEO Gjergj Demiraj. “Ken’s advice has been significantly helpful over the past months with expanding our strategic partnerships and anticipating customers’ needs. In this new role, he will help us to refine our partnership strategy, product roadmap, and value proposition as we continue to serve both large and small publishers and educational institutions. He will be a key asset to GT, and the team is very excited to have him onboard.”

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