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Gutenberg Technology’s New Platform Features Help Content Authors Bring Content Products to Market Faster

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Gutenberg Technology (GT), provider of the premier end-to-end content management platform, today unveiled groundbreaking new platform features to help content authors rapidly create and deploy new products – including advanced functionality that empowers publishers, corporations, and higher education institutions to create audience-specific digital and print content products from within a single workflow.

According to a GT ROI study, it can take content authors more than 17 months to create and launch new print and digital products. The cost and complexity of the process is driven by the persistent use of inflexible print-first processes and legacy tools that inhibit digital design and lack automation. The GT platform transforms the way content is created – empowering content authors to create, reuse, and publish collaboratively to any print and digital product. The new features extend GT’s patented single-workflow functionality, enhance productivity, and help customers deliver content products at scale to millions of end users.

“Organizations are under tremendous pressure to launch new content products rapidly. Legacy content management tools force authors to create products in different formats using disparate workflows, adding significant friction and slowing production cycles,” said Gjergj Demiraj, President and CEO, GT. “GT’s streamlined platform reduces the time it takes to deliver new products to market by more than half, providing a significant competitive advantage for our customers.”

With the release, the GT Platform sets a new standard for how content authors across publishing, education, and corporate training create, reuse, and distribute knowledge at scale through:

Simultaneous Digital/Print Workflow for Different Audiences: The GT platform is the only platform in the industry that enables authors to create digital and print products for multiple end-user audiences from within the same workflow. Sophisticated content reuse tools, including the new contextual audience tagging feature, empower education customers to create specific product versions for teachers, students, and other audiences, simultaneously.

Derived Products: The massive disruption in higher ed brought about by the Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the urgent need for a reliable platform to allow education companies to create and deliver white-labeled digital experiences to their students. GT’s platform enables organizations to create derived products using legacy content. By fully leveraging the value of metadata, coupled with contextual audience tags, companies can get new products to specific learners on any device faster than ever before.

Create Once, Publish to Any LMS: GT is the only platform with Learner Tool Interoperability (LTI) – empowering online program managers (OPM) and certification companies like CompTIA to create content once and publish it to multiple learning management systems (LMS) at different universities simultaneously. The LTI capabilities give content creators more control over the content being published to LMS systems and enables them to rapidly make changes and updates to courseware in real-time.

“By combining contextual tagging with the power of derived products, education companies, corporate learning departments, and university digital learning teams will save significant time, and enable robust content reuse to publish learning products for any number of learner persona,” said Gustav Garzon, Vice President of Product at GT. “Our product offerings aim to free learning content creators from worrying about “the how” of creating for multiple audiences and distributing to any LMS, Print Book, eBook Platform or Mobile Apps and allow them to focus instead on “the what” — innovating for modern learner-centered design. ”

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Gutenberg Technology (GT) transforms how content is created, reused, and distributed at scale. The company’s end-to-end content management platform enables organizations to author and distribute print and digital content from within a single workflow – speeding time to market and reducing costs. The world’s largest publishers, certification organizations, and universities rely on GT to transform legacy content into new, engaging educational products. To learn more, visit or go to LinkedIn or Twitter.