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H Code, Hispanic Heritage Foundation, & Hispanic Public Relations Association Come Together to Release Exclusive Report on Connecting with the Latinx Consumer During COVID-19

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H Code, in partnership with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) and Hispanic Public Relations Association (HPRA), today announced the release of the Connecting with the Latinx Consumer During the Pandemic report. Based on proprietary data collected by the H Code Intelligence Center, the in-depth report provides insight into the lives of powerful Latinx consumers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and current events like the presidential election, exploring their mindset, behavior, and the emotional factors impacting them this year.

H Code and HHF will present their exclusive findings during a special virtual event — hosted by HHF President and CEO Antonio Tijerino in conversation with H Code CRO Matt Weisbecker and Director of Brand Development Maylin De Leon — on December 2, 2020 at 2 p.m. ET. The panelists will discuss how brands can authentically connect with the Latinx market at this critical time. To register, visit

H Code and HHF collaborated with HPRA to position and disseminate the report among key stakeholders in the marketplace. The report includes key findings such as:

  • Latinx less likely to say keeping themselves and their loved ones safe and healthy during pandemic is most important right now
  • Latinx is more likely to select “getting enough food and supplies” or “finding a way to make a living” as most important when compared to the general population indicating a greater risk of food and job insecurity than with health
  • Latinxs were more likely than the general population to experience high levels of stress because of healthcare and their financial situation due to the pandemic, but lower in terms of personal relationships and developments at home
  • Online shopping among U.S. Latinxs has increased more than the general population as the pandemic has continued with 95% currently shopping online, also more than the general population
  • In the beginning of the pandemic, online shopping habits centered around groceries, cleaning supplies, and bathroom supplies – and while those remain important, buying electronics and clothing online has increased significantly suggesting a shift in the shopping behaviors of Latinxs, focusing more on leisure over necessity
  • 60% of Latinxs, versus 50% for general population, plan to change the type of gifts they purchase to be accessible online such as gift cards, and used for indoor activities such as electronics
  • 88% of Latinos prefer when brands tailor messages
  • Latinos more likely to try new products during Covid-19 than the general population at near 80% vs 70%
  • 25% of Latinos won’t switch back to their old brands after they tried and liked new brands during COVID-19
  • Going forward, Latinxs are more likely to stock up their food supply than the rest of population

To download the full Connecting with the Latinx Consumer During the Pandemic report, visit

The report uses data collected from proprietary surveys conducted by the H Code Intelligence Center — the company’s proprietary solution for collecting first-party data from Latinx panelists across languages, levels of acculturation, and more. The COVID Digital Lives studies ran over three periods in 2020 (March, June, October) and were conducted among a pool of 1,099 non-Latinx respondents as well as 1,106 English-dominant and Spanish-dominant Latinxs. The 2020 Brands & Latinx Marketing Survey had 1,301 English-dominant and Spanish-dominant Latinx respondents. All surveys are completed by a proprietary opt-in Latinx panel, which is representative of all main geographical areas of the United States.

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Founded in 2015, H Code is the largest Latinx digital media company in the U.S. Ranked #1 in Latinx digital reach, H Code influences at scale through digital and integrated campaigns, strategically bringing together targetable data, exclusive inventory, impactful creative, branded content, and more. Backed by its proprietary intelligence platform that derives insights from the largest Latinx digital panel and influencer network, H Code delivers impactful, data-driven strategies to effectively reach and influence Latinx audiences with unmatched authenticity.

About Hispanic Heritage Foundation

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation is a national nonprofit focused on education, workforce, innovative leadership, and culture to meet America’s priorities. Through HHF’s program, Code as a Second Language (CSL), tens of thousands of students across the nation are introduced and taught to code. Once they are initiated, they are funneled into a larger network of coders including mentors, workshops, activities through the LOFT (Latinos On Fast Track) program for further development, connectivity and ultimately placement into the workforce with Fortune 500 companies (Visit Follow HHF on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

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Founded in 1984, the Hispanic Public Relations Association (HPRA) is the foremost organization of Hispanic public relations practitioners in the U.S. HPRA is a resource for communications professionals and for individuals seeking Hispanic market expertise. It is dedicated to the recognition and advancement of Hispanics in public relations through year-round programs, professional development seminars and networking. HPRA hosts one of the most anticipated annual events and industry awards: the HPRA Bravo Awards, recognizing the most outstanding campaigns in the marketplace. The national organization aims to meet the professional needs of the growing number of Hispanic PR practitioners, independents and agencies throughout the U.S. HPRA National, its Chapters and those Chapters in formation are paving the way for the next phase of growth and evolution in the PR industry, especially in the Hispanic market space. For more information please visit