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H Code Media Launches Presidential Election Dashboard to Take the Pulse of the Latinx Vote

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H Code, the only advertising entity reaching the U.S. Latinx market at scale digitally, today releases The Latinx Presidential Election Dashboard, a new resource that provides a high-level understanding of the current political leanings and candidate preferences of the Latinx community, the largest minority voting bloc in the U.S. Leveraging data collected through an H Code Intelligence Center (HCIC) survey of 1,041 Latinx respondents, the Dashboard highlights the power of Latinx voters in the United States and indicates former Vice President Joe Biden holds a strong lead over President Donald Trump within the Latinx community.

The Latinx Presidential Dashboard was developed by H Code to provide high-level insight into the dynamic and shifting attitudes of Latinx voters during a pivotal and unprecedented moment in history of the U.S. Due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 U.S. presidential election and interested parties will need to rely heavily on digital channels more than in any previous presidential election, including leveraging social media and digital networks in order to effectively engage and mobilize American voters via the channels they are using most at this time. With Latinxs representing 18.5% of the total U.S. population and 13.3% of all eligible American voters, an in-depth understanding on what motivates Latinx voters will have significant influence on the upcoming election.

“We are committed to continuing our mission of providing unparalleled insight into the Latinx population, uncovering the most important issues to them, and providing policymakers with the most pertinent information to effect change within this community,” says Parker Morse, CEO & Founder of H Code.

According to the Dashboard, 70% of Latinx voters prefer Biden over Trump in the current election. When asked why they preferred Biden, many felt confident in his ability to improve the country’s current social situation and praised his morals, values, and ethics.

Healthcare also emerged as the voting issue ranked most important to Latinx voters, unsurprising as the effects of the coronavirus pandemic have been strongly felt by minority communities. As evident in H Code’s Healthcare Report, the majority of Latinx voters believe Biden is best equipped to improve healthcare in the U.S.

While Latinx respondents gravitate strongly towards their party’s candidate, more Republicans (10%) are willing to vote for Biden than Democrats (8%) are willing to vote for Trump. Biden also has a strong lead over Trump among American independents, with 49% planning to vote for him over Trump. When broken down by political leanings, Biden leads Trump in support from moderate voters, with 60% of the vote.

Biden also enjoys the majority of support from Latinx voters in all age groups. Based on the results of the Dashboard, the lowest amount of support for Biden came from Latinx Millennials and Gen Xers at 55%, while Gen Zers showed the lowest support for Trump at 16%. While Biden leads Trump with Latinx voters in all regions of the U.S., he has the lowest support from those in the Midwest, where respondents were 17% more likely than the other regions to say they would vote for Trump.

Data for the Latinx Presidential Election Dashboard was collected through the H Code Intelligence Center, the company’s proprietary solution for collecting first-party data from over 32 million monthly Latinx UVs and 5,000 Latinx panelists across languages, levels of acculturation, and more. The H Code Latinx Presidential Election Dashboard will be updated monthly leading up to the 2020 United States presidential election in November.

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