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H Code, We Are All Human, and the Hispanic Star Release the Hispanic Perception Study Examining How Different Racial and Ethnic Groups View U.S. Hispanics

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H Code, We Are All Human Foundation, and the Hispanic Star today released the Hispanic Perception Study (HPS), a new resource that examines the perceptions, misconceptions, and realities about the U.S. Hispanic community across various racial and ethnic groups.

“With the Hispanic Perception Study, we have an opportunity to effect significant change for the Hispanic community by bringing a greater understanding of this group. We are glad to contribute to the important dialogue about how to best serve this community,” says Jonathan Patton, VP of Sales for H Code.

The HPS provides an unparalleled understanding about this important Hispanic community in the U.S. and will allow businesses and organizations to strategize and be better equipped to face future political, social, and economic trends in relation to this community. The study supports the Hispanic community and better prepares its allies to fight stereotypes, misconceptions, and other relevant issues so that every Hispanic is seen, heard, and valued.

The HPS was administered among Hispanic and non-Hispanic respondents from all main geographical areas of the United States by the H Code Intelligence Center — a proprietary solution for collecting first-party data from over 32 million monthly UVs and a proprietary panel of Hispanic respondents across languages, levels of acculturation, and more.

“Based on the insights provided by the Perception Study, it is imperative to highlight Latinas as Hispanic Stars as hard-working, highlighting their inherent value and contributions to America beyond their physical attributes,” said Claudia Romo Edelman, Founder of the We Are All Human Foundation.


● Most groups believe that the ratio of U.S. Hispanics to foreign born Hispanics is 6:4, the real ratio is 8:2.. Out of the 60.7 million of Hispanics estimated in 2020, 86.6% are either citizens or legal residents in the United States, while only 13.4% are classified as undocumented.

● Over 75% of respondents overwhelmingly believed that Hispanics have made a positive impact in the United States, including their overall contributions to the American economy, perceiving Latinos as the most positively impactful group next to Asian Americans.

● Perception of Hispanics overall is affected by a very apparent cognitive dissonance: while most groups would trust Hispanics with their most prized possessions, negative stereotypes of Latinos still find their place with some respondents associating undocumented, criminal, and part of gangs with Hispanics respectively.

● Despite their increasing share of the U.S. population and positive contributions to all aspects in the U.S., Hispanics only make up 1% of both local and elected officials and 4% of senior management roles.

● The general perception is that only 20-40% of Hispanics are of Mexican origin, although 62%, amounting to 37.6M in 2020, of Hispanics in the U.S. are from Mexico.

● Less than 10% of all respondents accurately estimated how young the Hispanic population really is. In the U.S., 35% of Hispanics are younger than 18 years of age and 58% are younger than 34 (according to the Pew Research Center).

● In terms of sentiment, overall Hispanics are perceived as being good at cooking and dancing as well as being hard-working, family-oriented, happy, responsible, smart, and proud. At the same time, Latinas are described as beautiful, sexy, and loud. Unfortunately, no associations beyond appearance were ascribed to Hispanic women by respondents.

H Code will be presenting the findings of the HPS at the Hispanic Leadership Summit hosted by We Are All Human, scheduled for December 7-9. The Summit convenes Hispanic leaders to establish and prioritize the Hispanic community’s agenda for the next 10 years.

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