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H.I. Executive Consulting Announces Strategic Partnership with AI-driven Executive Talent Analytics Platform, Teamscope

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H.I. Executive Consulting (HIEC), the leading agile, globally-connected
executive search firm, today announced its strategic partnership with
Teamscope, an AI-driven talent analytics platform designed to help
companies build high-performing leadership teams. The partnership will
empower HIEC with an innovative tool to deliver more data-driven hiring
results for its corporate and private equity clients, informing the way
companies identify the right leaders, reducing unconscious bias in the
hiring process, and leading to higher performing organizations.

HIEC’s global experience in executive search has proven that building
high-performing leadership teams not only requires identifying the
necessary functional skillsets, but also core values and behavioral
traits that complement the team. According to a McKinsey
, over 70% of recently appointed C-suite leaders struggle to
culturally adapt, if at all, to their new employers. Teamscope’s
innovative approach to behavioral analytics enables clients to match the
executives with the core values of the existing leadership team so they
can quickly assimilate and perform at their best.

“Teamscope is one of the most innovative executive assessment products
that we have seen on the market,” commented Tim Robson, a Global
Managing Partner at H.I. Executive Consulting. “Its sophisticated data
science built into a simple and intuitive digital user interface
underpins the art of world-class executive search. Teamscope is exactly
what was missing in the market at executive levels and is going to make
a significant difference in the selection, onboarding and leadership
development process for our clients.”

Teamscope is backed by notable investors, including Techstars and the
co-founders of Skype and Pipedrive, and is powered by IBM Watson. Its
unique algorithm combines big data analytics with scientific testing to
understand the values, characteristics, and behaviors of the company’s
existing leadership team and new hires. The 15-minute questionnaire,
uniquely designed to fit executives’ busy schedules, visualizes the
combined effect of the existing leadership’s characteristics with other

About H.I. Executive Consulting: H.I. Executive Consulting (HIEC)
is a leading global executive search firm focused on hiring board, CEO,
and senior-level executives globally. HIEC was established to disrupt
the traditional approach to executive search by placing a focus on
hiring transformational leaders across the sectors it serves – Digital &
Technology, Financial Services & Real Estate, Industrial & Automotive,
Consumer, Retail & Leisure, and Business & Professional Services.

About Teamscope: Teamscope is an AI-driven executive talent
analytics platform to enable world-class executive search. The platform
is designed to help companies build high-performing leadership teams
through evaluating candidates’ fit with the existent executive team in a
more objective, data-driven manner.