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Hack at the Harbor 2020 Conference Announces New Workshops, Sessions and Three CTFs for Cybersecurity Professionals

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Point3 Security, the leader in advanced training of cybersecurity professionals through gamified challenges, is pleased to announce the keynote speakers and session roster for its premier Hack at the Harbor virtual security conference (#HATHcon). The free Capture the Flag (CTF) challenges begin at 10 am ET on September 24, 2020 and concludes at 3 pm ET, September 25, 2020. Two free workshops are presented on September 24, 2020, and fifteen free presentation sessions are offered on September 25, 2020.

Hack at the Harbor is designed by and for security professionals, to empower security teams and work environments, and to help security professionals advance their career goals. Sessions will provide attendees with actionable information and upskilling opportunities, focusing on topics such as new risks and attacks, identifying and addressing critical skills gaps, team building, supporting security staff, communication across departments around security, mental health support, putting diversity & inclusion goals into practice, security trends, and educating teams.

Presentation Sessions

The line-up of presenters and 14 sessions for cybersecurity professionals that will be conducted online and free to registrants on September 25, 2020 now includes five newly added sessions:

Reducing Advanced Threat Dwell-Time with Behavior Analytics: Covering security gaps using behavior analytics, both in the enterprise and cloud, including traditional methods, an overview of behavior detection and its benefits, and methods for operationalizing in a small team. Presenter: Alex Attumalil, Global Cyber Security Leader at Under Armour.

Zero Trust isn’t Just for Politics Anymore: As we approach November, the United States finds itself in the crosshairs of a new peril. Authoritarian forces and other adversaries have weaponized the fifth domain of warfare — cyberspace — against the very fabric of democracy. As the election process ramps up, organizations engaged in the political process must strengthen cybersecurity to prevent chaos and disorder from carrying the day. In so doing, they face unprecedented challenges. This presentation will explore the players in the Digital Election Infrastructure. It recommends that government agencies and political campaigns adopt the zero-trust model for cybersecurity in every context by tackling 7 priorities for election security. Presenter: Dan Blum, Managing Partner, Security Architects Partners.

Is Security Really Everyone’s Job? How to Analyze, Then Optimize Your Enterprise: We have always said “security is everyone’s job,” but ask any CISO who has a team that is overwhelmed with last minute security projects and assessments and they will tell you otherwise. CISO’s and security teams don’t have to feel left out on an island anymore. In this brief discussion, Ryan will share what some of the most progressive CISO’s are doing to make this a reality within their enterprises. Presenter: Ryan Corey, Co-Founder, CEO, Cybrary.

A Day in the Life of a “Shecurity” Researcher: Ever wonder what it means to be a security researcher? This session reviews topics and trends in the current cyber threat landscape and offers an insider’s look at what a typical day looks like (hint: typical is not really a thing in cyber!) with a discussion of the types of threat intel she relies upon. The presenter will also share stories and lessons learned from her journey as a career changer in the field with thoughts on certifications, education, and gaining experience. Presenter: Marcelle Lee, Senior Security Researcher, Secureworks and Adjunct Professor, Digital Forensics & Network Security.

How Security Teams Can Successfully Integrate with Legal & Privacy: A security researcher, a tech lawyer, and a privacy lawyer walk into a bar… here’s how and why we should shift the story from becoming a punch line to saving time. Syncing early, and often, between the information security, legal, and privacy groups enables teams to develop agile processes, protect resources, and minimize risks. Join us as we share strategic planning and lessons learned on ways to coordinate, collaborate, and move forward from a segmented approach to an integrated approach that builds in iterative conversations and known processes. Presenters: Suchi Pahi, Attorney, Data Privacy & Cybersecurity, a Director of Privacy and Business Affairs at Rally Health, Inc., and Elizabeth (Liz) Wharton, Chief of Staff, SCYTHE, and Attorney, Public Policy Technology & Business.


SCYTHE Hands-On Purple Team Workshop: Thursday, September 24, 3:00-5:00 PM ET

Participants will play the role of both the red team and the blue team in an isolated environment that lets each attendee to go through a Purple Team Exercise. Attendees will be able to create adversary emulation campaigns with SCYTHE and run them in a small environment consisting of a domain controller, member server, and a Linux system. While the attendee is the red team operator, they will also play the role of the blue team looking for Indicators of Compromise and adversary behavior mapped to MITRE ATT&CK Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures. Attendees will learn the basics of adversary emulation (powered by SCYTHE) and blue team tools such as Sysmon, WireShark, and others. Conducted by: Jorge Orchilles, Chief Technology Officer at SCYTHE.

Social Engineering – From Recon to Execution: Thursday, September 24, 5:00PM ET

This session takes participants through the techniques used by attackers to social engineer targets, including: OSINT- Recon techniques; how attackers create pretexts; case Studies and learning from Physical Social Engineering, Telephone Social Engineering (Vishing) and Phishing; and Social Engineering Defense tactics and techniques. Conducted by: Stuart Peck, Director of Cyber Security Strategy for ZeroDayLab, Founder of The Many Hats Club and 3 x winner of Tracelabs Missing Person Global CTF.

Capture the Flag (CTF)

The Hack at the Harbor CTF: The CTF starts Thursday, September 24, 2020 at 10:00 am ET, and concludes Friday, September 25, 2020 at 3:00 pm ET. It is powered by ESCALATE. Participants can win an ESCALATE t-shirt for completing any one of three challenges: ELEGANTTERROR; FRESHSHOW; or PEACEFULDRAWER.

Previously announced sessions include:

Evan Dornbush, Point3 Co-Founder and CEO, said, “Now more than ever, cybersecurity professionals must continually add to their knowledge and skills – both to keep pace with the massive investments that bad actors are making in attack strategies, and to help take advantage of historic opportunities for advancement. Hack at the Harbor provides new insight and strategies from many of the top minds in cybersecurity, equipping professionals to manage today’s threats and those not yet on the horizon, while supporting their growth and advancement goals.”

Chloé Messdaghi, Vice President of Strategy at Point3 Security, said, “Our cybersecurity professionals are front line defense in an increasingly dangerous world. H@TH recognizes and equips them with opportunities for upskilling and strength through knowledge and diversity.”

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Hack at the Harbor (#HATHcon) is a newly developed virtual conference created by the founders of Point3 Security. They aim to bring the infosec community together through research, lifelong learning, and developing the next generation of information security professionals by building the future of infosec through new perspectives, current leadership, and fellowship.

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