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 Happy Returns Reopening Return Bar Network with Contact-Free Returns

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Happy Returns, the leading provider of end-to-end return solutions for retailers and their customers, today announced the reopening of over 200 dropoff locations in the company’s national Return Bar network. Happy Returns had temporarily closed all 700+ locations in March, due to concerns over the novel coronavirus. As part of the reopening, Happy Returns has modified the process for accepting in-person returns to eliminate all contact between shoppers and store associates. Shoppers still bring items without boxes or labels and receive refunds immediately. Happy Returns are completed in under 60 seconds per item. The lifetime Net Promoter Score of Happy Returns’ in-person returns is 94.

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A "contact free" return performed at Cost Plus World Market. (Photo: Business Wire)

A “contact free” return performed at Cost Plus World Market. (Photo: Business Wire)

“We’re thrilled to be able to re-open our Return Bar network and provide returns that are not only box-free and label-free, but also contact-free,” said Happy Returns CEO and co-founder, David Sobie. “We have worked with location partners to adapt our return process to the new normal of contactless retail experiences.”

The updated process for completing in-person returns retains all the speed and convenience with a few small changes. Rather than handing returned items to store associates for processing, shoppers now bag items themselves and deposit sealed bags into Happy Returns reusable totes for aggregated shipping. The updated process is further streamlined by using QR codes to start returns, reducing the need for interaction between customers and store associates to call up orders and process returns. Happy Returns remains the only retail returns solution that is box-free and label-free and can now add contact-free as well.

“Our customers have always loved Happy Returns and it’s been great for our stores,” said Scott Traverso, Director of Store Operations from Cost Plus World Market. “As we reopen our stores, we’re excited to offer this updated service to serve our shoppers in a way that generates valuable foot traffic and gives peace of mind to shoppers and store associates.”

Box-free returns offer greater convenience to shoppers, who are spared the hassle of preparing items for shipment. Because unboxed items are aggregated and shipped—in re-usable, cardboard-free containers—from Return Bars to Happy Returns’ regional return hubs, shipping costs are dramatically reduced. The entire process is significantly more cost-effective than returns by mail. While other providers enable customers to create QR codes to print labels, customers must still find and pack boxes, generating the environmental waste and additional cost involved in shipping items one at a time.

Shopper response to the updated contact-free process has been overwhelmingly positive. The company’s Net Promoter Score rating has been 94 since Return Bars started re-opening, with scores of positive comments left by shoppers. One recent NPS survey respondent commented: “The process was very easy and pleasant – also ‘no contact’ during the coronavirus pandemic. I felt very safe.”

For more information about how Happy Returns is responding to COVID-19, visit: Up-to-date information on which locations in Happy Returns’ Return Bar network are open are here:

About Happy Returns

Happy Returns’ software and reverse logistics are the industry’s only comprehensive returns solution. Its Return Bar network of over 700 Return Bars nationwide allow shoppers to easily return or exchange without printing or packaging in under 60 seconds and receive refunds immediately. All items bulk-ship inside eco-friendly, reusable boxes—leveraging low carrier rates and aggregated shipping for economies of scale—to Happy Returns’ regional Return Hubs, where they are sorted, dispositioned, and processed.

Customers using Happy Returns’ full offering average 20% cost savings, a 94 NPS, 50% program adoption, and up to 2X higher exchange rates. Happy Returns guarantees 10% savings in the first year. Happy Returns is based in Los Angeles, California. Its investors include PayPal, USVP, and Upfront Ventures. For more information, visit