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Harbour Group Acquires SpotSee Holdings

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SpotSee Holdings and its subsidiaries (“SpotSee”), are now part of the Harbour Group family of companies, Jeff Fox, Harbour Group’s chairman and CEO, announced today. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

SpotSee develops and manufactures shock, vibration, temperature and other environmental condition monitoring solutions for in-transit, in-plant and in-storage applications. The company offers a broad portfolio of branded products including indicator devices, RFID, Bluetooth, satellite and cellular-connected devices that provide real-time tracking, monitoring and reporting capabilities. The company is headquartered in Dallas.

“We are excited to welcome SpotSee to the Harbour Group family,” said Fox. “SpotSee offers a well-recognized and respected brand of products uniquely positioned to serve customers across diverse end markets. In a world where connectivity is in high demand, we are eager to support the SpotSee team as they continue to innovate and launch new products into a growing market. We intend to invest in new product development, new markets and in complementary acquisitions.”

Tony Fonk, CEO and president of SpotSee, added, “We are excited and look forward to joining the Harbour Group family. With a strong reputation of operational excellence, Harbour Group is uniquely positioned to assist in our efforts to grow the business. We believe this partnership will accelerate our new product development and continue to build a strong brand in growing markets.”

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About Harbour Group

Harbour Group is a privately owned, operations focused company based in St. Louis, Missouri. Harbour Group’s companies are engaged in manufacturing and distribution across diverse industries including condition monitoring devices, machine control solutions, wireless control solutions, fence and gate hardware systems, interior wallcoverings and fabrics, LED lighting, flow control, scientific products and lab ware, thermal management solutions, boiler systems, professional diagnostic and repair tools, and auxiliary plastic processing equipment. Since its founding in 1976, Harbour Group has acquired 210 companies in 46 different industries.

About SpotSee

SpotSee is an internet of things end-to-end solution provider that enables customers to spot damage in their operations and see it in real time. SpotSee has developed a low-cost, connected ecosystem that includes its own mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) that delivers data from devices anywhere in the world to customers’ fingertips. SpotSee devices monitor shock, vibration, temperature and other environmental conditions through its market-leading brands such as ShockWatch®, ShockLog®, SpotBot™, OpsWatch and WarmMark®. The company has a global network of over 300 sales and technical service partners in 62 countries. SpotSee is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with operations in Brazil, Netherlands, United Kingdom, China, Mexico and Graham, Texas. For more information, visit