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HARMAN Delivers Premium Experiences for Electric Vehicles with Suite of Industry-First Eco-Friendly Audio Innovations

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CES 2020- Harman
, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co.,
Ltd. focused on connected technologies for automotive, consumer and
enterprise markets, today announced its EV Plus+ Solutions, a new audio
and communications solutions bundle designed specifically for the fast
growing electric vehicle (EV) segment and their eco-conscious owners.
The solutions overcome challenges unique to EVs and offer consumers a
no-compromise level of entertainment, communication and comfort,
flexibly and sustainably.

As the automotive industry enters its greatest period of change in
decades, the future of mobility requires technologies that wholly
address consumer needs while also prioritizing thoughtful innovation.
One significant driver of this change is the shift to electric
powertrains as a response to climate change concerns. By 2040, Bloomberg
expects over half of all global vehicle sales and over a third
of vehicle fleets to be electric.

However, range anxiety continues to be a barrier for electric vehicle
adoption, with vehicle charging as one of the main concerns for 83
of non-EV owners, according to Cox Automotive. Such concerns
have made the inclusion of popular in-car features that require a power
draw, including premium audio and entertainment, especially challenging
when engineering for an electric vehicle environment. Leveraging
efficient acoustic technologies and cloud-based software innovation, EV
Plus+ Solutions solves for those challenges with a scalable, low weight,
and reduced complexity system architecture that provides double the
acoustic power and performance without impacting range when compared to
a traditional audio system with comparable performance.

As growth in the EV market continues to accelerate, so does consumer
demand for premium, personalized in-cabin experiences from their
vehicles. With such a focus on efficiency, EVs often cannot offer the
same level of premium in-cabin features available in traditional
vehicles. Consumers looking to extend their green lifestyle to their
choice of vehicle have to choose between the experiences they want and
the eco-consciousness they want to reflect. EV Plus+ Solutions is the
first-ever approach that delivers branded audio and personalized
experiences on demand in a fully sustainably way designed expressly for
electric vehicles.

“At HARMAN, we believe the next-generation of mobility should convert
the time you spend in your car into time well spent – and electric
vehicles are no exception,” said Bill Wyman, VP of Global Marketing,
Lifestyle Automotive. “Environmental concerns are guiding purchase
decisions more and more, but the demand for premium experiences hasn’t
changed. Through the groundbreaking delivery system of Ecotect that
underpins EV Plus+ Solutions, we’re enabling automakers to fulfill these
needs for their customers, without compromises, for the very first time.”

Integral to EV Plus+ Solutions are three new HARMAN offerings that work
together, enabling an uncompromised, premium EV experience:

  • Ecotect: Revolutionary electric vehicle system design solution
    ensures powerful audio performance with half the parts, and boasts
    reduced weight, reduced complexity and reduced power consumption when
    compared to a traditional system. Ecotect features high-efficiency
    speakers, a proprietary Prodigy Booster amplifier and Power Manager
    2.0 technology, all layered in via a unique architecture that
    leverages innovative speaker locations, sustainable materials and
    sophisticated signal processing to deliver premium audio and
    communications experiences with EV-optimized efficiency.
  • Audio Marketplace: New, cloud-based ecosystem powered by HARMAN
    Ignite, Audio Marketplace allows users to add and update in-vehicle
    audio, entertainment and communication features on-demand, with the
    touch of a button. This unique, open-ended OTA offering enables a new
    level of personalization and flexibility for the in-car experience
    throughout the life of the vehicle.
  • Software-enabled branded audio: Downloadable, instantly
    activated and leveraging the Ecotect system components,
    software-enabled branded audio offers an entirely new way to upgrade
    from a base audio to a premium branded audio experience in new
    vehicles – over the air, at the touch of a button. With this unique
    delivery model, consumers can elect to add premium, branded audio to
    any Ecotect equipped vehicle at purchase, or to activate it later on
    at any time during the vehicle lifecycle.

Through Audio Marketplace, consumers can instantly personalize their
in-car offerings to fit their preferences, mood and lifestyle, with
experiences including:

  • NatureScapes: For serene, authentic natural sound scenery from
    America’s national parks, HARMAN partnered with the National Park
    Foundation to bring some of America’s most beloved national parks to
    life inside the vehicle. Using authentic recordings from actual park
    points of interest, NatureScapes delivers fully immersive soundscapes
    from locations including Yosemite Falls and Mammoth Dome. EV occupants
    can transform the stress of dense traffic or monotony of dull scenery
    with their choice of real sounds of nature for a serene and satisfying
    experience inside their vehicle.
  • Voice-Sensing Volume Fade: For clear and seamless in-car
    conversations, Voice-Sensing Volume Fade provides EV occupants with
    innovative technology that can differentiate in-car communication from
    music, seamlessly adjusting the audio volume level down when
    conversations are taking place, and automatically turning the music
    back up as soon as the conversation has finished.
  • eESS Safe and Sound: For increased pedestrian safety and
    external entertainment audio, eESS Safe and Sound projects electronic
    sound from external speakers at the front and rear of the vehicle to
    inform pedestrians of an EV’s speed and location. As an added feature,
    these external speakers can be linked to the vehicle subwoofers to
    create a full-bandwidth external sound system to enjoy outdoors.
  • HALOsonic Road Noise Cancellation (RNC): For improved in-cabin
    comfort, HALOsonic RNC, part of HARMAN’s proprietary, award-winning
    HALOsonic noise management solution, employs acoustic noise cancelling
    techniques to reduce unwanted road noise inside the vehicle cabin.
    This minimizes road noise while reducing reliance on heavy dampening
    materials. The result is a quieter, more comfortable ride for
    consumers, and the ability for OEMs to deliver that experience in the
    most fuel efficient, EV-optimized way possible.

HARMAN’s commitment to reinforcing environmental safety and sustainable
lifestyle choices with the new EV Plus+ Solutions extends to the supply
chain. In building its audio systems, HARMAN differentiates from
competitors and exceeds safety standards by opting for conflict-free
materials that do not release harmful compounds into the environment.

HARMAN’s EV Plus+ Solutions are available to OEMs today for in-vehicle
integration. EV Plus+ Solutions will be demonstrated at the HARMAN
Showcase at CES 2020.


Visit the HARMAN showcase during CES 2020 for demonstrations of the
company’s full portfolio of connected car and lifestyle audio systems
enabling a connected life. The HARMAN experience showcase is located at
the Hard Rock Hotel. Follow HARMAN online during CES 2020:


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HARMAN has a workforce of approximately 30,000 people across the
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subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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