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Hart InterCivic Joins Election Infrastructure-Sector Coordinating Council Leadership Team

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Earlier this month, during a national summit on election administration and security in Washington DC, Hart InterCivic’s director of government affairs, Samuel Derheimer, was elected to serve as Vice Chair of the Election Infrastructure – Sector Coordinating Council (EI-SCC), a group of election technology providers that advises the Dept. of Homeland Security on key issues of election security.

The SCC is comprised of over 30 election-based companies and organizations that meet regularly to discuss best practices and sector-specific policies and strategies to address critical infrastructure security and resilience efforts. The EI-SCC coordinates its work with its counterpart Government Coordinating Council (GCC) which is composed of state and local election officials.

“Over the past two years, the SCC has been a key player in improving the security posture of our national election system,” Derheimer said. “For 2020, we’re going to strengthen the coordinated communication and information sharing that has already made American elections more resilient and continue to build on our partnerships with DHS and the GCC.”

The full executive committee for the EI-SCC in 2020 is:

  • Brian Hancock; Chair [Unisyn Voting Solutions]
  • Sam Derheimer; Vice-Chair [Hart InterCivic]
  • Chris Wlaschin; Immediate Past-Chair [ES&S]
  • Ericka Haas [ERIC]
  • Maria Bianchi [Democracy Works]

Additional information about the EI-SCC can be found at:

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