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Hart InterCivic’s Verity Has Smooth Debut in Ohio Elections

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Verity® Voting
debuted in Ohio to solid praise from voters, poll workers and election
officials using it for the first time May 7. Hamilton and Williams
Counties were the first to vote using the modern, secure technology from Hart
, a long-time election services provider.

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In Hamilton County, a voter scans her hand-marked ballot directly into Verity Scan. The ballot drops ...

In Hamilton County, a voter scans her hand-marked ballot directly into Verity Scan. The ballot drops into a secure, locked ballot box. (Photo: Business Wire)

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“Our feedback was very positive, and our relationship with Hart gave us
confidence throughout the process,” said Hamilton County Director of
Elections Sherry Poland.

In Williams County, “our voters loved it,” said A.J. Nowaczyk, Director
of Elections, adding that officials appreciated the ease of ballot
preparation and Election Day setup. “A half-hour setup at the polling
place was all it took,” he said. “Both setup and tear-down were very
easy,” added Deputy Director Katrena Ebersole.

Both counties have partnered with Hart since 2006 and chose the trusted
provider to deliver the most up-to-date election solution available. “We
were confident in Hart in making this move to the latest technology,”
said Poland. “Security is always an issue; the timing was right for this

The use of Verity’s Touch Writer option made voting accessible to all in
both counties. The ADA-compliant Touch Writer is a standalone
ballot-marking device with an audio tactile interface that allows voters
to generate a paper ballot marked with their selections. The ballot is
scanned like every other ballot, unlike some systems that count such
votes separately.

“Voters saw little difference in using their paper ballots, but there
was more comfort with the ADA option. It’s much more user-friendly, and
more chose to use it,” said Poland in Hamilton County.

“The process is more inclusive,” said Nowaczyk in Williams County.
“Voters using an ADA compliant device end up with the same ballot as any
other voter. Every ballot is scanned into the same machine, the same

“Touch Writer is not intimidating. Voters can listen to the audio
version or not, according to their choice,” he added. “Our voters using
Touch Writer found it easy and quick.”

To spread the word about the new voting option, his office is planning a
show-and-tell for the Williams County Board of Developmental
Disabilities. They also will hold an open house and mock election
throughout June to introduce more voters to Verity and the Touch Writer,
which they encourage everyone to consider using. “It really is easy,”
said Ebersole, adding that the Touch Writer is available at each polling

Also promoting voter education, Hamilton County keeps a Verity Voting
device available in their lobby for the public to try. They plan more
voter outreach before their larger August and November elections.

Leading up to Election Day, Hart’s training for poll workers was praised
for an efficient, smooth launch.

“Our project manager gets a shout out. She had lots of good ideas,
during preparation and our train-the-trainers process,” said Sally
Krisel, Deputy Director of Elections in Hamilton County.

“Happy poll workers mean happy voters, and that is what we got with
Verity,” she added. “We had very few calls on Election Day. How easy.”

As the polls closed, Hamilton County election officials surveyed workers
for their input about the new equipment. A sampling of their comments
about Verity follows:

  • I was the first to vote on [Verity Touch Writer] at HQ, and it is easy
    as pie. Once voters recognize that they can use it effectively, it
    will be used more often.
  • [Verity Scan] is easy to use. The green arrows help the users place
    their ballots. I had fewer inquiries about casting ballots.
  • It is easier for voters to see if there is a problem with their ballot
    and for us to help them.
  • The system is friendlier looking.
  • Great. Easy setup. Good instructions.
  • [Verity is] much easier and more intuitive to operate.

Poll workers in both counties had praise for the compact, easy to
transport Verity equipment. Hamilton County, with more than 500
precincts to support in a full election, added a locked, wheeled storage
caddy recommended by Hart. The caddy keeps voting equipment secure,
organized and easy to deliver to polling sites.

Election officials also praised Hart’s highly rated culture of support
and service.

“Hart’s customer service is fantastic,” said Ebersole. “They are always
just a phone call away. Our project manager was on site for Election
Night. We had one hiccup, and he was on the phone getting answers.”

“Our support staff was so patient and thorough, making sure that I
understood everything I need to know,’ said Nowaczyk, who is new to his
position in Williams County.

“Hart says relationships matter, and it’s true,” said Krisel in Hamilton
County. “Hart provides excellent support. That relationship was a strong
deciding factor in choosing Verity, and in moving forward with Hart.”

“Verity is off to a solid start in Ohio. We could not be prouder to help
these Ohio counties transition to Verity, and to witness their
satisfaction,” said Phillip Braithwaite, President and CEO of Hart
InterCivic, an Austin-based company with more than 100 years of
experience providing election solutions. “We value our long-term
relationships and these counties’ confidence in great technology. We
look forward to seeing other Ohio jurisdictions follow their lead.”

A growing number of U.S. jurisdictions are turning to Hart
for easy-to-use, reliable solutions backed by trusted customer support.

As other jurisdictions consider a switch to Verity, Ebersole has advice.

“Between the simplicity of the machines and the awesome support, it’s a
great combination. Give them a chance,” she said.

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