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Harvest Launches Proprietary Financial Health Index Amidst Pandemic-Driven Financial Crisis

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Harvest (PariFi, Inc.), a leading financial technology firm, today announced the official launch of its PRO Index™ (PariFi Rating & Opportunity Index), the first and only financial wellness measurement designed with a consumer-first ethos. This comprehensive index takes into account several factors in addition to credit score to give consumers and financial institutions a better gauge of an individual’s financial wellness and ultimately help consumers build wealth.

According to a recent Harris Poll study, the coronavirus pandemic is causing nearly 9 in 10 Americans to feel anxious about money. Among the top 10 stressors among American adults: having enough emergency savings, job security and income fluctuations reigned supreme. As the hit to the U.S. economy due to the pandemic has been swift and deep, the PRO Index™ aims to give consumers a better understanding of their financial health, and the power to grow and maintain financial security.

“The global pandemic has only shed a harsher light on the lack of balance within the financial ecosystem for those in the 99%,” said Nami Baral, CEO of Harvest. “Consumers are facing an unparalleled time of insecurity around their finances and the future. We’re launching the PRO Index now to help them truly understand their baseline, and how to elevate their financial wellness in a way that feels accessible and not intimidating. Our hope is that this index and our platform will empower the majority to take control of and secure their hard-earned money.”

While traditional credit scores are used by lenders for credit decisioning, Harvest’s index incorporates the credit score with other important financial health factors, putting a consumer’s well-being first. The index employs machine learning and artificial intelligence to map out a holistic financial plan for each individual based on their credit score, income and spending patterns. The AI automatically negotiates bank fees and interest charges and manages and flags recurring payments. The platform gives one central picture of all of an individual’s finances; outlining their assets, debts, and expenses in one place with action items to best improve financial wellness.

“I signed up for Harvest because I saw their automated support service on returning bank fees and interest charges. Within days, I’ve received $230 into my checking account,” said Elena, 30 years old and a user of Harvest. “At the height of the pandemic, with multiple uncertain financial moments, I decided to opt into the PRO Index. My financial health assessment took me through a journey I had no idea existed. Harvest put it all into context for me and I’ve never been more confident about how much I’m saving, what I can afford, and what my finances look like long-term.”

From a lender perspective, Harvest provides Ability-to-Pay as a Service (A2PaaS). This includes a full wallet view of consumers given the organic incentives for users to link all of their available accounts. Additionally, the transactional data allows for updates and verifications in real-time, meaning Harvest shows the users’ Ability to Pay dynamically, as opposed to just at the time of application. This real-time nature also allows lenders to identify pre-arrears customers immediately, thereby improving recovery. This is vital as every 1% improvement in recovery yields $1B+ savings for America’s top 5 creditors and is essential for post-pandemic profit & loss recovery.

This index is particularly beneficial to the 99%, who have often been sidelined by financial products as most low rates tend to favor those with existing strong finances. Anyone can sign up, linking their current financial accounts and verifying income to generate a PRO Index. Once the measurement is generated, the user has full access to Harvest’s suite of financial products to improve their standing. As the economy enters a re-building phase, credit scores will provide, at best, a lagging indicator of risk. By looking at credit score alongside the holistic lens of the PRO Index, consumers and financial institutions alike will have access to real-time analysis and leading indicators of financial health that serve both consumers and lenders alike.

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New York based Harvest is an all-in-one financial technology platform that aims to increase the net worth of everyday Americans by $1 trillion by 2030. The platform utilizes automation and artificial intelligence to provide seamless and action-driven tools to support the majority in gaining financial stability and wealth, particularly amidst a system not designed to do so. Harvest’s PRO Index™ provides a proprietary financial measurement that is designed to provide a true indicator of financial wellness of consumers. From there, users have access to tools that help automatically get refunds from bank fees and interest charges, manage debts, analyze expenses, and more. For more information, visit