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Harvest Profit Adds a Balance Sheet to its Farm Management Software

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Harvest Profit, Inc. announced today that the company has added a farm balance sheet feature to its farm management software platform. Its customers will now be able to track their key balance sheet metrics in real-time. In addition, they will be able to chart their farm’s working capital and net worth against long-term goals.

“Today’s farmer has never had more data available for them to use in their decision-making process. From what we’ve seen though, more data often doesn’t equal better decisions,” said Nick Horob, founder of Harvest Profit.

“In light of the current global trade environment combined with adverse weather events, farmers continue to face tough economic conditions. This has attracted plenty of media attention which increases the ‘noise’ that can complicate decision making. We are excited to provide a new tool to our customers that will allow them to cut through this noise and have a laser focus on their farms’ key business metrics when making decisions for their farms.”

Farmers interested in trying out this new tool can visit Harvest Profit’s website,, for a no-obligation free trial.

Any ag businesses interested in exploring partnerships with the independently-owned company are invited to contact the company.

“We have a lot more in our pipeline! This is only the beginning for what we have planned. Keep an eye out for future releases….,” says Horob.

About Harvest Profit

Harvest Profit is a farm management software company located in West Fargo, ND. They are focused on building tools that enable savvy farmers to have better visibility into their farm’s financial metrics. This visibility is key in being able to confidently and proactively take more control of their financial outcome. Harvest Profit has approximately 500 customers in 26 US states and 4 Canadian provinces.