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HC3 Grew Financial Services Customer Base by 28% in 2019

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HC3, formerly High Cotton, a data-driven tech company delivering customer communication, increased its financial institution customer base by 28% for statement and notice documents printed. The company also expanded its employee base, with the company employing 96 employees at the end of the year.

As more financial institutions and consumers opt into digital documents, HC3 saw a 47% increase in the delivery of e-statements in 2019. This service is rising in popularity between existing and new clients within the company.

HC3 also added key executives to the team in 2019, including Gerald Pettway, COO; Molly Bruce, Director of Project Management; and Mike Grant, Director of Data and Composition. Tori VanCura-Rutland was also promoted to Chief Growth Officer and David Rutherford was promoted to Director of Digital Product Development.

In 2019, HC3 made community engagement a focus by working with local organizations. Partnering with Innovate Birmingham as an employer partner, The Foundry where they participated in an Adopt-A-Classroom drive to donate over 180 items and over $500 to a local elementary school, and Priority Veteran where HC3 donated five full kits filled with the necessary items to serve as a home starter kit for a veteran and his or her family. HC3 also continued its IT internship program with ties to local universities and colleges, as well as hosting a new series on women in leadership highlighting local companies. This was a multi-segment series in which local businesswomen from the Birmingham area could speak with HC3 about their career paths and leadership growth.

HC3 underwent a comprehensive rebranding in 2019. Formerly High Cotton, this change in identity highlights an adjustment in the line of business. Originally founded as a production-based print company with technology offerings, this new year and new name emphasized their move to a technology company with a strong production history. With this came new and unique brand deliverables that HC3 consistently delivers to clients: innovative document design, intelligent marketing solutions, and intuitive digital user experiences.

“This year brought us a lot of necessary growth, showcasing the importance print and digital communications play in the industry,” said Griffin McGahey, president of HC3. “We are very thankful to our clients both old and new who have maneuvered this year with us and are excited to continue to provide exceptional service with our key deliverables in mind.”

About HC3

Headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., HC3 is a data-driven tech company delivering customer communications for our clients. By managing complex data generated from multiple client systems, we help financial service companies communicate with their customers in meaningful ways. HC3 offers focused solutions for statement and notice redesign, intelligent marketing campaigns, and seamless delivery of both print and digital communications. Through these solutions, HC3 empowers financial service organizations to give their customers a fully customizable document experience. For more information, call (877) 838-2345 or visit