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HCSS, Command Alkon Join Forces to Streamline Heavy Materials Management and Reduce Paperwork on Job Sites

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HCSS, the leading heavy civil software solutions provider, and Command Alkon, the leading supplier collaboration platform for heavy construction, announced a new collaborative partnership to streamline heavy materials management across contractors, suppliers, and haulers. The companies have a shared goal of eliminating paper tickets, removing manual tasks, and automating data flows to improve inter-company operations on the jobsite.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Command Alkon, coming together to deliver greater value to the entire heavy civil ecosystem,” said JP Giometti, Executive Director of Global Strategy and Business Development at HCSS. “Removing data entry of material tickets and simplifying reconciliation are game-changers. Our customers will applaud their bulk material ticket information being automatically presented in their HCSS field and project management software applications.”

HCSS and Command Alkon collectively have more than 70 years of proven performance in construction technology, holding a dominant position on the buy-side and supply-side respectively. This experience makes their vision to digitally connect heavy work enterprises and workflows highly implementable; speeding up ROI for all stakeholders.

“HCSS is a natural choice to partner with to automate hauler and heavy material data and workflows for the industry,” said Steve Cox, Vice President of Business Development at Command Alkon. “Harmonizing information digitally, from supplier production, schedule, dispatch, and transportation management systems through to software solutions in the hands of contractors and owners will enrich the experience for buyers and sellers alike.”

Heavy materials management has always been tedious and full of errors, due to numerous phone calls, emails, and the hundreds of thousands of multi-part printed tickets across the supply chain. Up to 40 touches are needed to successfully execute an order-to-payment process. HCSS and Command Alkon seek to remove this significant barrier to productivity and generate real-time information access by joining forces.

“When conversations between our organizations began, we zoomed into the value we could deliver quickly to customers,” adds Giometti. “As a result of a focused collaboration effort, our shared customers can say goodbye to passing five-part printed forms back and forth to get the heavy job done.”

Integrations of their complementary product portfolios are enabled by the CONNEX Platform, delivering timely, accurate and trustworthy information to all stakeholders in real-time. When the right information is presented to the right person at the right time, performance across project schedule, cost management, and materials management is significantly improved.

“The common villain for everyone in the heavy work supply chain is the paper ticket,” adds Cox. “Connecting the dots digitally across systems will take the far too many touches required today down to a limited few or even one; making it seamless for everybody to work better together.”

To strengthen the alliance, accelerate execution, and ensure reliable interoperability, the companies are conducting joint Research and Development efforts alongside forthcoming Customer Feedback sessions. More details will be presented at ELEVATE – Construction’s Heavy Work Conference & Expo – in November in Chicago, and at the HCSS User Group Meetings (UGM) in January in Houston. Visit to attend ELEVATE and to attend an HCSS UGM. More information on CONNEX is available at

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