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Health Services Provider Emergencias Deploys Avaya Communications Solutions to Help Save Lives

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Holdings Corp
. (NYSE: AVYA), a leader in communications solutions
for the healthcare industry, today announced that Emergencias,
an innovative health services provider focused on urgent care, has
implemented new Avaya IX Contact Center to accelerate its digital
transformation ensuring seamless and flexible communications with users.
Avaya IX Contact Center will also help the company consolidate its
communications infrastructure, improve its customer service processes
and better position itself in a highly competitive healthcare services

Emergencias is a leader in the healthcare and out-of-hospital emergency
services sector, which has grown steadily and expanded both at home and
abroad. In 2008, it became the first healthcare company in Argentina to
receive ISO 9001 certification for its robust processes, and it has been
awarded a Premio Mercurio, one of the most prestigious awards in
the South American healthcare sector.

The company receives between 10,000 and 14,000 calls every day, roughly
3.5 and 5 million calls per year, handled by a team of 4,000 employees
and 5,000 third-party service providers. This tremendous volume of
high-stress interactions requires a communication system capable of
supporting mission-critical operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
including medical emergencies occurring at all times of night or day.

Responding to such a large volume of calls while ensuring seamless
service represented a major technological obstacle for Emergencias as it
had no automated distribution or priority structure in place for its
services and VDNs, making it difficult to calculate call abandonment
rates or define metrics for improving performance. This led to
suboptimal levels of service and customer satisfaction, disproportionate
and unequal staff workloads, and higher cost.

“When we were evaluating potential technology providers, we looked at
several brands, including Avaya, Cisco and Genesys, among others,” said
Germán Nájera, CTO, Emergencias. “The key difference was that Avaya
demonstrated the ability to listen and really ascertain our issues and
the user experiences we were trying to achieve in order to understand
our business before recommending and implementing the technology. Avaya
was fully involved with us through all aspects of our process, and we
worked in conjunction with them to reconfigure our communication system.”

Once Avaya IX Contact Center had been implemented, Emergencias quickly
began seeing results. One major advantage is the flexibility offered by
Avaya’s solution, which has helped the company adapt immediately to
sudden increases in demand. It currently assigns between 120 and 140
agents during peak times, helping to automatically cover different
service levels as they now have real-time metrics that allow management
to take decisions immediately that adapt to real-time conditions and
improve service and responsiveness.

“With Avaya our contact center is much more efficient with the same
amount of people, and we have increased the volume of calls we can
handle by almost 40 percent. Agent availability is now automatic. Thanks
to digital telephony, through a SIP, costs have decreased significantly,
and we now have the opportunity to grow and increase the range of
services we offer.”

“An open and flexible communications solution that offers automation and
real-time analytics plays a critical role in successfully transforming
organizations in the healthcare sector,” commented Daniel Sacks,
engineering director, Avaya. “In conjunction with the leadership team
from Emergencias, we developed a roadmap to optimize the
experience of patients and other callers, driving significant
improvements to waiting times, reducing the number of lost calls to
almost zero, and maximizing agent performance by leveraging a more
robust communication solution to drive efficiency and help them grow.”

Another benefit offered by Avaya IX Contact Center is an automatic
priority system that classifies calls by segment, customer and service
type based on the level of risk involved, helping prioritize the most
critical emergencies. It has also helped streamline operations and
improve customer service levels, reducing redialing rates from 5 to 1
and call abandonment rates from 30 percent to under 5 percent for
emergencies and less than 2 percent for life-threatening situations. “It
marked a radical change for our customers in terms of the service we
offer, and we have seen much higher satisfaction levels stemming from
the fact that we can now answer their calls in four seconds or less,”
added Nájera.

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About Emergencias

Founded in 1979 in Buenos Aires, Emergencias is the market leader
in out-of-hospital medical emergencies for both individual and corporate
clients. Its ongoing research and investment in technology have helped
position it as a pioneer in software application and technological
development to help improve emergency medical resource management and
processes within the sector, leading it to receive numerous awards and
helping it transcend boundaries.

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