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Health Tech Innovators AbleTo and Laudio select March Communications as PR Agency of Record

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, an award-winning technology public relations agency
with expertise in consumer tech, today announced it has been named PR
Agency of Record by two disruptive health tech companies: AbleTo, a
leading innovator of virtual behavioral healthcare services and
technology, and Laudio, a health tech software platform enabling
hospital human resources leaders and frontline nurses to engage and
support employees.

The agency’s Consumer Innovation Group (CIG) continues to experience
sustained growth and success in the consumer health and well-tech space.
CIG’s expertise in and deep understanding of the unique storytelling and
integrated communications needs of clients in this sector is
demonstrated by its string of wins in the last year. AbleTo and Laudio
join other hypergrowth brands in digital personal fitness, fertility
technology, health software and caregiver services.

“AbleTo and Laudio have incredibly unique and powerful models,” said
March Executive Vice President Jodi Petrie, who leads CIG. “AbleTo works
to identify behavioral healthcare needs and then to provide skilled
practitioners to address those needs. They’re leveraging technology to
break down barriers and make quality mental healthcare accessible to
anyone. It’s what our world needs now, and we’re delighted to partner
with them in their efforts,” Petrie said.

“Healthcare is massive, complex and messy,” said Reena Pande, Chief
Medical Officer at AbleTo. “We are at the intersection of technology and
humanity as we work to improve access to and set a standard of
high-quality behavioral healthcare. Collaborating with others and
sharing our story more broadly are essential in moving the industry
forward. We’re excited to work with March to roll up our sleeves, do the
hard work and get it done.”

For its part, Laudio is tackling a critically important issue in
healthcare: frontline nurse support, satisfaction and burnout. The
company’s technology platform delivers important insights that enable
nurse managers and other hands-on leaders to track and act on employee
performance – fostering communication, engagement, support, career
development and advancement.

“Having founded several health tech startups, we’re deeply experienced
in healthcare and hospital systems,” said CJ Floros, COO at Laudio.
“We’re confident that our newest innovation will reimagine care force
management, especially for those on the frontlines. Yet we know that
doesn’t happen if we don’t first work with a partner like March
Communications to make sure we’re telling an inspiring, relatable and
authentic brand story.”

About AbleTo

AbleTo, Inc. is a market leader in providing technology-enabled
behavioral health care. AbleTo has been treating patients for over six
years, and improves patient outcomes and lowers costs by providing
treatment that integrates behavioral and medical health care. AbleTo’s
structured therapy programs strengthen medical recovery and self-care
among members with chronic or complex clinical needs. AbleTo analytics,
coupled with our multi-channel engagement platform, identify and engage
members with unmet, often undiagnosed, behavioral health needs. A
proprietary platform connects individuals and their care teams with
AbleTo licensed providers who deliver weekly sessions by phone or video
supported by an integrated digital experience. AbleTo programs are
clinically proven to improve both behavioral health and medical outcomes
while lowering overall spending for higher-cost, higher-risk members.
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About Laudio

Laudio transforms managers into exceptional leaders. Developed to reduce
employee burnout, Laudio helps frontline managers make more frequent,
timely, and relevant interactions with each staff member. The Laudio
platform also digitizes workflows to save the manager time and to drive
best practices across teams, which results in stronger staff engagement,
satisfaction, and retention. Laudio drives superior culture while
allowing health systems to generate >15:1 ROI by retaining staff and
avoiding replacement costs, contract labor, and overtime expense. For
more information, please visit

About March Communications

March Communications is an integrated PR agency that partners with
innovative tech companies to bring their stories to life. Our
insights-first approach fuels smart PR programs that motivate key
audiences, spark conversations and drive business value. With offices in
Boston and Chicago and clients worldwide, March is one of the
fastest-growing PR agencies in Boston. More information about our
award-winning PR, content creation and digital service offerings can be
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