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Heavy Vehicle Regulator Gains a Technical Edge With Mobility Service From Motorola Solutions

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Australia’s industry regulator for heavy vehicles is deploying a new mobile application from Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) to increase safety, situational awareness and productivity for its workers.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) administers a single set of laws for all heavy vehicles over 4.5 tonnes gross, enabling the sector to meet industry standards for safety, compliance and regulatory performance.

The mobile application delivers vital information to NHVR’s safety and compliance officers while they are on the move. This includes heavy vehicle registration numbers, driver’s license details and other information from the regulator’s database.

NHVR Director of Information and Technology Mark Radovic described the new solution as a game changer saying it would streamline, standardise and improve the way the organisation carries out on-road compliance nationally.

“Previously, complex daily tasks including calculating the weight of vehicles and issuing traffic infringement notices was quite a manual process,” Mark said.

“Now officers can complete these activities on-the-go via mobile devices and immediately send the information they capture in the field directly back to base.

“The application is helping our frontline personnel gain access to NHVR intelligence data. It allows them to work more efficiently which means they now have more time to target their engagements with heavy vehicle drivers out on the road, and promote national safety.”

A desktop version of the application also enables supervisors and system administrators to monitor information and intelligence as it is captured in the field.

The state-of-the-art mobile application also helps NHVR to meet a major goal of its Safety and Compliance Regulatory Platform program by integrating and centralising all key heavy vehicle operator information collected on-road, in the one place.

The holistic managed service will run for three years with the potential to extend to a total of seven years.

The mobile application was implemented in partnership with NHVR by Gridstone, the application development firm that Motorola Solutions acquired in 2016.

Motorola Solutions Managing Director Con Balaskas, said the technology was designed to meet specific operational needs of NHVR’s officers while improving safety for all road users.

“By accessing key operational data whenever and wherever they need it, NHVR’s staff can manage their daily tasks more safely and efficiently,” Balaskas said.

“For example, the solution quickly alerts officers to potentially dangerous issues involving vehicles and drivers. This enables them to make timely, informed decisions while keeping themselves and community members safe.”

The solution has already been rolled out in Victoria and will be expanded to the ACT, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia throughout 2020.

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