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Here Are Some Important Signals Companies Must Look at before Revamping Their Inventory Management System – A Free Resource by Quantzig

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Quantzig, a leading analytics advisory firm that delivers customized
analytics solutions, has announced the completion of its free resource
that expounds the five signs companies must look at before revamping
their inventory
management system
. With the growing complexity of supply chain,
inventory management is emerging as one of the most important
operational activities that help determine the success or failure of a
business. Although the process of maintaining optimal levels of
inventory is quite challenging businesses can successfully optimize
inventory with a better inventory management system in place. With an
efficient inventory management system, businesses can easily track the
availability and movement of products and can also offer better customer
experiences. Also, they can be better positioned to drive sales and set
an optimal capital cost structure.

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Important signals companies must look at before revamping their inventory management system (Graphic ...

Important signals companies must look at before revamping their inventory management system (Graphic: Business Wire)

“Inventory management plays an important role in maintaining
transparency throughout the supply network”- says a supply chain
analytics expert at Quantzig

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Inventory management: Check out these signals
before you move ahead

Obsolete inventory

Obsolete inventory management systems lead to an increase in the cost of
inventory which is nothing but a bane for any business. It indicates
that you have not been following inventory management best practices.
There are some important reasons leading to obsolete inventory such as
inaccurate customer demand forecasts and poor-quality or design of a
product. So, businesses aiming at optimizing their inventory must check
on this factor before moving ahead.

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Decentralized databases

Leading companies also struggle when it comes to inventory management
because they lack a centralized inventory management system. Therefore,
companies should centralize their databases that can allow multiple
users to access the inventory at any given time.

Relying on manual processes

For your inventory management system to provide profitable results, it
is crucial that you monitor the inventory levels at regular intervals
and audit regularly to identify potential. But to do this, relying too
much on manual processes can be time-consuming and tiresome. Therefore,
businesses should consider adopting an advanced inventory management

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