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Hexnode Included in the Now Tech: Unified Endpoint Management Report for Q2, 2021

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Hexnode, a leading UEM solution, has been recognized in the Now Tech Unified Endpoint Management Q2 2021 report by Forrester. Forrester has based the analysis of the UEM vendors on two factors – market presence and functionality.

Forrester’s Now Tech report helps I&O teams to understand Unified Endpoint management (UEM) providers and to select from a diverse set of vendors that vary by size, functionality, geography, and vertical market focus.

Forrester defines UEM as, *”Products that provide a centralized policy engine for managing and securing all employee devices, operating systems, and apps from a single console.”

In the wake of the pandemic, enterprise technology leaders had to provide employees secure access to both corporate and personally owned devices from their homes. The Now Tech report states that ** 36% of global enterprise infrastructure technology decision-makers indicate that their firm plans to adopt UEM including both PC and mobile management.

“According to *** Forrester’s Employee Experience Index (EXi), UEM boosts autonomy by enabling greater flexibility to access task-critical information on any device, within any app, or from any location.”

According to Forrester’s overview of 21 UEM providers, Hexnode generates under $50 million in annual category revenue and has a geographic presence around the world with most of its user base in the US, Europe and APAC regions. Hexnode is used in the education, healthcare, and service sectors.

The Now Tech report has classified Hexnode under the mobility specialists. Mobility specialists help “manage PCs with the same approach as mobile devices — using cloud-based MDM and mobile application management (MAM) techniques.”

Hexnode uses containerization to serve up legacy apps to employees in a secure browser and has the ability to coexist with client management specialists.

“Now more than ever is a crucial time for enterprises to invest in security solutions like UEMs given the remote/hybrid work scenarios. The Now-tech report, especially now, is a great resource for enterprises to identify the right solutions for them,” said Rachana Vijayan, CMO of Hexnode.

Hexnode is a cloud-based UEM solution that supports all major device platforms such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, FireOS, and tvOS. Hexnode offers hands-free enrollment with the integration of Apple Business Manager, Android Zero-touch enrollment, Samsung Knox mobile enrollment. Hexnode helps IT automate device management with features such as the automatic deployment of policies, dynamic grouping, geofencing etc.

A UEM can leverage the zero-trust strategy to ensure attacks don’t spread when employees access customer data outside the corporate network. Hexnode has enabled integrations with Zendesk, Okta, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 and Azure AD and can roll out thousands of devices across your organization to deliver services swiftly.

About Hexnode

Hexnode MDM is the award-winning Unified Endpoint Management platform from Mitsogo Inc. The company has been helping organizations in over 100 countries to stay agile and competitive in an increasingly mobile world.


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