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Hexnode Launches New Commission-Based Affiliate Program to Increase UEM Adoption Across Industries

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Hexnode, a global leader in the Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions, announces the launch of its commission-based affiliate program to increase UEM adoption across multiple industries and extend the reach of Hexnode products.

With the new affiliate program, small to medium businesses, independent software vendors, industry influencers, bloggers, website owners, trade associations, self-employed entrepreneurs, and professional and individual affiliate marketers can earn commission from referrals or sales of Hexnode products. Currently, Hexnode offers 15 percent commission for every sale brought in by an affiliate partner.

Affiliates can sign-up to the program for free and immediately begin promoting products and services through their own channels. Each affiliate receives a unique referral code, which they share with their audiences to promote Hexnode products. Affiliates also gain access to a dashboard where they can keep track of sales and commission earned.

The affiliate program is part of Hexnode’s larger plans to expand its partner network and provide a more diverse range of industries with UEM solutions. Manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, and construction are just a few of the industries Hexnode is targeting at the moment.

Rachana Vijayan, CMO of Hexnode says that, “Hexnode is the first company in the Unified Endpoint Management solutions segment to launch an affiliate program. The affiliate program is an important step in satisfying the requests we have been getting from partners, bloggers, and industry advocates wishing to promote Hexnode to their client base in exchange for a commission on sales generated.”

For more information on the Hexnode affiliate program, or to sign up, visit the Hexnode affiliates page.

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Hexnode MDM is the award-winning Unified Endpoint Management platform from Mitsogo Inc. The company has been helping organizations in over 100 countries to stay agile and competitive in an increasingly mobile world.

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