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¡HOLA, MEXICO! : Tangent Group Transforms the Mexican Security Industry

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Until now, corporate clientele have been faced with a huge disconnect between the American security market and the security services that have been available to them for their Mexican and South American facilities.

To bridge the gap between these two cultures, Tangent Group has created an integrated US/Mexico security management team. This allows for the same great service and expertise that clients have come to expect and appreciate from Tangent, regardless of location or language barriers. Both US and Mexican based clients now have the ability to acquire a streamlined security experience with a single phone call.

“We are excited to finally be able to solve the problem our clients have been bringing to us for years. Until now, our customers have been forced to use programs that weren’t specifically designed for the Mexican market. We’re happy to bring them a customized, non-cookie-cutter approach at a price that’s more conducive to the Mexican economy,” said David Brown, President.

Tangent patrons will now able be to secure an individualized protection program matching their specific needs for a seamless cross-border experience.

About Tangent Group International

Tangent Group International has offices in Dallas, TX and Miami, FL, providing services for the United States and Mexico. TGI has performed protection duties for many of the top Fortune 1000 companies in the US, and some of the largest security firms in the world contract Tangent Group to their clients due to Tangent’s highly specialized services. TGI provides various protection and investigation services for a wide range of clientele including dignitaries, celebrities, executives and more. Tangent Group International is a premier provider of executive protection and multi-threat protective security, known for professionalism, precision, and a unique perspective that sets the company apart in a distinctive way.

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