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Hone Expands Globally Across Leadership Training Market Fueled by the Rise of Remote Teams

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Hone, an online training platform that offers live instructor-led leadership and manager training, today announced strong momentum heading into 2020 following a year of significant growth.

In 2019, Hone tripled its client base, doubled its internal team, provided training sessions to an increasingly global customer base in 16 countries across four continents.

“Workplace training needs to be convenient, enjoyable and measurably effective to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced, increasingly distributed workforce,” said Tom Griffiths, the co-founder and CEO of Hone.

Growth Fueled by the Rise of Remote Teams

With the rise of remote teams and ascendance of millennials into leadership positions, companies are replacing outdated, classroom-based leadership and manager training with more modern, relevant technologies. Hone is an all-in-one leadership development platform that allows organizations to easily source, manage and deliver live online instructor-led training at scale, and measure user engagement and ROI. Powered by expert facilitators, research-backed curriculum and unique technology, Hone offers trainings on a variety of topics, including management skills, diversity and inclusion, and leading change.

“Leadership and management training is one of the highest leverage points a company has to improve team performance and engagement in such a competitive environment, and Hone is committed to helping companies do that in an impactful way that meets the next generation of leaders where they are,” said Griffiths.

Training Tool for the Modern Workforce

With growing traction in the technology, professional services and financial industries, Hone tripled its existing client base in 2019, with customers including Rover, GoFundMe and Rosetta Stone. In a series of case studies in 2019, Hone found that through its training platform, 90% of participants reported the technology made a lasting, positive change in their leadership and management approach. Additionally, over 60% of direct reports agreed that they have seen a positive change in their managers 30-days post training.

“As we evaluated GoFundMe’s leadership training processes, we wanted a modern approach that we could customize to fit our needs,” said Stephanie Cunningham, VP, Global People Operations at GoFundMe. “Hone was an excellent partner. Managers had a high-impact experience with top facilitators, and our leaders have insights into manager progress and development. Everybody benefits.”

Hone plans on enhancing its online training platform in 2020 with new capabilities for learners and organizations, and rapidly expanding its catalog with further programs on diversity and inclusion, OKRs and coaching skills for managers. For more information on Hone training, please visit:

About Hone

Hone is reimagining leadership and management training for the modern workplace. Launched in 2018 and headquartered in San Francisco and New York City, Hone’s mission is to build the groundwork for greatness in every manager. As the first ever platform for live online instructor-led training programs, Hone allows organizations of all sizes to easily source, manage and deliver best-in-class training, and measure its impact. For more information, visit, and follow Hone on Twitter @honehq, Facebook, and LinkedIn.