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Hong Kong Science Park Companies Continue Their Strong Showing with Awards Attained at CES 2020

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Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) announced
that Hong Kong Science Park companies continue to show the highest
levels of product innovation capabilities at the global stage by
receiving the CES Innovation Awards at the Consumer
Electronics Show (CES) 2020

The three companies receiving the CES Innovation Awards Honoree titles
are MedEXO
, a current incubatee; GL
, a partner company and graduate of HKSTP’s incubation
programme; and Nano
and Advanced Materials Institute
(NAMI), a partner company (details
are appended below). They won four awards in total between them, in the
categories of “Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy”, “Tech for Better
World”, “Computer Hardware & Components” and “Smart Cities”.

CES is known as the world’s largest consumer electronics show, held
annually in Las Vegas, USA, and this year will be held from 7 – 10
January. The CES Innovation Awards that accompanies the main show
honours outstanding product design and engineering in new consumer tech
products across 28 product categories or functionalities.

Albert Wong, Chief Executive Officer, HKSTP, said, “The winning
companies bring us a lot of pride and meaning to the I&T sector of Hong
Kong. We are showing the world Hong Kong can develop useful, practical
consumer products that not only utilise the latest cutting-edge
technologies, but also innovative solutions that are commercially
viable. CES is truly the global stage for consumer electronics and we
will continue to do all we can to help our tech companies flourish not
just locally or in the region, but also at the global stage.”

Denis Huen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, MedEXO Robotics, said,
“MedEXO’s vision is to extend human capability and improve the general
well-being of the public by providing revolutionary wearable solutions.
With great support from HKSTP, we have gained impetus as well as access
to different kinds of resources to progress towards our dream. We are
very excited to receive this award and look forward to demonstrating our
innovation at this global stage in Las Vegas.”

Partner company NAMI received two CES Innovation Awards this year. Dr.
Eric Kwok, Technical Manager, NAMI, said, “We are deeply honoured that
our technology ‘Carbon Metal Composites Heatsink and Baseplate’ has been
selected as CES Innovation Award Honoree under the category of “Computer
Hardware & Components”. NAMI’s carbon metal composites show desirable
thermal dissipation and directional heat transfer properties (80% higher
than copper). They also have low coefficient of thermal expansion, yet
are super light in weight (at least 2 times lighter than copper).
Heatsink is one of the products to demonstrate the features of this
innovative material. It can be applied or replace the metal component in
thermal management systems for today’s advanced electronics. This
achievement illustrates the success from material research to
commercialisation of R&D outcomes.”

Dr. Shengbo Lu, Technical Manager, NAMI, said, “We are excited to have
our ‘Smart Logistic Tracker with Extreme Temperature Battery’ named CES
Innovation Awards under the category ‘Smart Cities’. In the era of
electronic commerce, the prevalence use of IoT wireless tracking systems
become a key factor that drives the need for a power supply with
sufficient power to communicate with satellite under extreme ambient
temperature during the transportation of cargos. NAMI has developed a
durable cylindrical lithium ion battery which can power the tracking
devices under a temperature range of -40 to 85 degree Celsius with high
current output (up to 10C) for years. It provides an ideal power
solution for the IoT tracking devices for smart logistics.”

Another Award winner, Dr. Alfie Zhao, Chief Technology Officer, GL
Technologies, said, “Concerning privacy, we believe that users have the
right to know about the technologies they are using, how their data is
being handled, and have the right to pick a reliable option. We
certainly look forward to seeing our users enjoy a smart and secure
lifestyle with our distinguished products. The multi-cultural
environment and knowledge exchange with other global tech makers and
players are the key elements for us to innovate and improve our
products. HKSTP provides an ideal platform and comprehensive support
that motivate us to grow and bring our ideas to life.”

As part of HKSTP’s ongoing mission to bring high-potential park
companies to new markets and opportunities around the world, there are
15 Hong Kong Science Park companies participating and presenting the
best of Hong Kong’s start-up consumer electronics at the CES Eureka
Park, the global stage for start-ups to launch a new product, service or
idea. (details are appended below).

Winners of the CES Innovation Awards – Honorees

Company   Category   Award Product   Product Description
GL Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited   Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy  

a portable 4G LTE privacy router for road warriors

  A portable 4G LTE privacy router for road warriors and business
travellers with state-of-the-art cryptography. It can encrypt and
bounce communications randomly through a network of relays around
the globe, keeps Internet connections private with multiple VPN
protocols, and uses Cloudflare to obtain a fast, secure, and
authoritative DNS performance; while preventing DNS hijacking and
domain theft.
MedEXO Robotics (HK) Company Limited   Tech for Better World  

Walking Assistive Device for Parkinson’s Disease

  A walking aid system that assist patients with Parkinson’s disease,
helping them maintain stable gait and balance through three types of
assistive cues – visual, vibration and sound.
Nano and Advanced Materials Institute   Computer Hardware & Components  

Metal Composites Heatsink and Baseplate

  The newly-developed heatsink and baseplate can achieve a high
thermal conductivity of up to 700W/mK but 3x lighter than
conventional copper products (380W/mK); suitable for
high-performance chips, next generation power devices, etc.
  Smart Cities  

Logistic Tracker with Extreme Temperature Battery

  A long-lasting smart IoT tracker integrated with temperature
sensors, accelerometers, GPS, GSM and active RFID. The tracker is
powered by NAMI’s lithium-ion batteries with novel carbon anode
materials and newly-formulated electrolyte that can pulse discharge
at high currents of up to 5A, operate within a temperature range of
-40°C to 85°C, and function for over 5 years.

The 15 Hong Kong Science Park companies showcasing at the CES Eureka

No.   Company Name

Beverage Limited


Motor Limited


Company Limited


Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited


Company Limited


Advance Technology Limited


Technology (Hong Kong) Limited






Robotics (HK) Company Limited


Innovation Limited


Technology Ltd


Hong Kong Holdings Limited


Intelligence Inspection Limited



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