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Houston Digital Studio Umbrage Closes $2M Seed Round to Deliver Digital Solutions to the Enterprise

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Umbrage, a crafts-based digital studio, has closed a $2 million seed round of funding led by Rice Investment Group. Umbrage creates custom software solutions for oil and gas, healthcare, supply chain and other industries that are in the process of a digital transformation.

Since its founding in 2019, Umbrage has curated a specialized approach to solving the critical business challenges for global companies. It employs a 4-to-1 ratio of developers to designers, which embodies its commitment to delivering a truly customized digital experience to its enterprise clients.

“Umbrage is a new way that enterprises can overcome the inherent challenges of building and scaling digital solutions,” Umbrage Founder and CEO Will Womble said. “Umbrage partners with internal technology teams to create scalable products that directly impact business’ success. And by training our clients to effectively scale and improve these custom-built solutions, we’re setting up our customers for long-term, sustainable success.”

Umbrage delivers value to its customers by industrializing the solutions it creates. This means that Umbrage’s customers can deploy and scale the process and the product across its organizations. This has enabled Umbrage to become cash-flow-positive within weeks of starting and has grown to nearly 40 employees during turbulent economic markets.

“We’ve utilized Umbrage’s custom solutions in our portfolio companies with great success and we can attest to the customer value proposition,” said Danny Rice, a Partner of Rice Investment Group. “We’re thrilled to support Umbrage’s growth and enable forward-thinking businesses to unlock the business potential that digital solutions from Umbrage can deliver.”

Umbrage has delivered innovative and powerful digital solutions to global enterprises such as Cold Bore Technologies, Sumitomo Corporation and The Umbrage team has expertise across the oil and gas, ecommerce, medical devices and other industries.

“Umbrage brings a product-first mindset that continues to influence our organization far beyond what is expected from a software vendor,” said Edwin Suarez, VP and Chief Digital Officer at SC Global Tubular Solutions. “Our team has been challenged with digital business models from ideation through product development, and partnering with Umbrage helps us focus on long-term strategy while ensuring delivery on our immediate needs.”

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About Umbrage

Umbrage is a crafts-based digital studio based in Houston, Texas. Founded in 2019, Umbrage partners with its customers to deliver and scale solutions to complex business problems. Having deep technical expertise and a desire to integrate with its clients, Umbrage has delivered and scaled customized software solutions to a variety of blue-collar industries. For more information, please visit