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How Big Data Analytics Helped a Mobile Services Provider to Reduce Transport Network Congestion – A FREE Resource by Quantzig

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Quantzig, a premier analytics solutions provider announced the completion of their latest big data analytics engagement for a mobile services provider. The client an European mobile services provider was looking forward to reducing cost of transportation and devising a network optimization network optimization solution. Quantzig helped the client to develop a network optimization solution and reduce transport network congestion.

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Traffic congestion in urban areas is a major challenge and the leading cause for the loss of productivity, rapid increase in fuel consumption, and air and sound pollution. The best way to combat this problem is to improve performance measurements for seamless traffic flow, reduce congestion, and efficiently manage current roadway assets. Coordinated traffic signals and variable-messages are used in reducing traffic congestion. Big data analytics now offers improved and data-driven ways to predict congestion before it happens, using a combination of real-time information, historical trends, and new-age algorithms.

The Business Challenge

The client is an European mobile services provider. The client wanted to analyze the transport demand-supply in order to optimize the routes. The client’s present transportation system was not accurate while predicting future network scenarios. The key challenges of the client included-

  1. Estimate transport models
  2. Gauge efficiency of the current transportation system
  3. Predict future traffic scenarios
  4. Optimize route planning

“Sensors installed in trucks, ships, and airplanes give real-time insights about the driver’s capabilities and the traffic. The data extracted from these sensors can be utilized to identify bottlenecks as well as predict the state of the network,” says a big data analytics expert from Quantzig.

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The Solution Offered & Value Delivered

Quantzig’s big data analytics experts assessed the huge datasets of the client which included mobile data, transportation network, service timings and population data to create a multi-layered architecture to extract valuable and real-time data from geotagged network data-source. The experts also transformed the data received from each source to a uniform format for analysis purposes.

The big data analytics solutions empowered the client to:

  • Reduce transport network
  • Develop a front-end using visualization tools
  • Implement a modular platform to perform data analysis
  • Talk to our analytics experts to gain in-depth insights on how an analytics-driven transport dashboard can help you to enhance decision making ability by predicting future traffic conditions.

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