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How Can Big Data Benefit Healthcare Organizations? | Quantzig’s Analytics Experts Offer In-depth Insights

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Quantzig, a leading analytics advisory firm, has announced the completion of its new article on the benefits of big data in healthcare.

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With a plethora of data available to players in the healthcare industry including financial, clinical, R&D, administration, and operational data, big data in healthcare can generate meaningful insights to improve the overall efficiency in this industry. The significant growth in the healthcare data analytics sector also points towards the rapid adoption of big data in healthcare.

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Benefits of Big Data in Healthcare

Improves patient care

Big data analytics helps in collecting data from disparate sources that include demographic and medical data such as lab tests, clinical data, diagnoses, medical conditions, and allergy information. Such insights help healthcare practitioners to provide quality care through the personalization of healthcare services.

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Enhances operational efficiency

Healthcare companies are using big data analytics as part of their business intelligence strategy. Big data in healthcare helps in examining historical patient admission rates and analyzing staff efficiency. This can help healthcare facilities to optimally allocate healthcare personnel to a particular shift without having to overstaff or understaff.

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Helps in detecting fraud

Big data in healthcare helps companies to tackle two serious challenges, medical abuse, and insurance fraud. By analyzing a larger dataset of claims history, fraud patterns can be easily identified and even predicted before they occur. Additionally, analyzing diagnoses, test results, medical histories, follow-ups, and other detail can effectively alert authorities of drug abuse cases.

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