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How Can Pharma Companies Adapt Clinical Trials to the Changes of the Post-COVID Era? Infiniti’s Experts Reveal Key Strategies

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Digitization and rising adoption of technology has been a positive outcome across industries, due to the COVID-19 crisis. The pharmaceutical industry witnessed major changes as well, including the shift to remote testing. However, there were many challenges posed by the pandemic as well, for instance, increased safety concerns, technological challenges, and policy reforms. Infiniti’s experts have analyzed changing market dynamics in the pharmaceutical industry and identified the significant transistions that will help the industry grow, as well as, the key strategies for clinical trials to adapt to the digitized and new normal that will follow the COVID-19 crisis.

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Key Strategies to Adapt Clinical Processes to the Post-COVID World (Graphic: Business Wire)

Key Strategies to Adapt Clinical Processes to the Post-COVID World (Graphic: Business Wire)

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“Industry leaders in the pharmaceutical sector are using the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to find alternatives to set clinical trials process. This will better equip them to handle any similar outbreak in the future with increased efficiency,” says a pharmaceutical industry expert at Infiniti Research.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted operations across the pharmaceutical value chain. Pharmaceutical companies have paused, postponed, and delayed many clinical trials in recent months. Due to social distancing, the impact on healthcare systems, as well as the mental and emotional unrest among candidates and professionals, pharmaceutical companies are struggling to maintain medical research continuity. Although industry leaders are attempting to find alternatives, such as remote testing, and telehealth services, there are many challenges that companies need to overcome before clinical trials can resume unencumbered. Therefore, Infiniti’s experts identified key strategies for pharmaceutical companies to implement and adapt clinical processes in a post-COVID world in their recent article.

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Infiniti’s experts observed that digitization of clinical trials will help companies better prepare for future disruptions, outbreaks, or calamities. Our experts identified the following strategies that pharmaceutical companies need to adapt to in the post-COVID era:

  • Companies must ensure data protection, and set well-defined processes to do so
  • Innovative solutions that focus on addressing several unmet needs can incentivize clinical trials
  • Pharma companies must prepare for the increasing adoption of technology and ensure the real-time flow of efficiently managed data
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the key strategies for clinical trials to adapt to the new normal by reading the complete article here.

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