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How Do You Take Tax Accounting to Another Level? Avii’s Newest Practice Management Features Can Help

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The two sure things in life, death and taxes, may never change. The software tax preparers use, however, has become significantly better for CPAs and their teams, thanks to the newest functions from Avii™, a fast-growing accounting automation platform company in Utah’s Silicon Slopes.

Avii Workspace is a unified practice management platform that provides tax, audit, advisory, compliance and management consulting organizations with an integrated suite of best-in-class practice management tools.

The platform’s newest components automate the exchange of documents and data communication. These functions are especially helpful for new client intake, but also make the process of information exchange and approval better for every aspect of tax accounting, which has traditionally been one of the biggest bottlenecks for CPAs and their teams.

Whether clients upload information or provide their forms to CPAs with hard copies, the process of validating or confirming the information, checking for completeness, sorting and allocating tasks for tax preparation workflow has changed very little in the past 12 or so years. In fact, tax preparation continues to be one of the most laborious and inefficient workflow processes accounting firms face. These challenges result in lost time, inaccurate inputs and missed strategic opportunities, leading to frustration for service providers and clients alike.

Yet not only will the process of taxation not be going away, based on history it is likely to become even more complex over time.

As a rising star in the realm of automation, Avii is addressing the issue of client intake and queuing for tax-related workflow head on. Improvements in the ability to automate the queueing and pooling functions in tax accounting has the potential to turn an arduous and lower-profit function into one of the most rewarding and far more profitable functions CPAs and accounting firms can deliver.

“Avii is solving the information gap between tax professionals and their clients with communication and workflow tools to get everyone on the same page faster, easier, and constant. Tax professionals will better serve clients as trusted advisors instead of historians as they use these tools with their clients. Marrying the client and professional experience in one software provides more opportunities and time to add value to clients,” said Brandon Allfrey, Partner, Squire & Company; board member of UACPA; Utah Councilmember, AICPA.

With the new tax functions in Avii Workspace, client information and communications is handled through a single portal that handholds and automates the entire process. A single piece of software identifies missing or conflicting information immediately and alerts participants for follow up or confirmation. In all, the Avii dashboard shows progress as it occurs and the current status of the clients’ projects at all times.

The process of sequencing for optimum workflow is automatic. Work moves to the right individuals to advance tax preparation smoothly within the timeframe required to ensure milestones and profitability are met. Clients receive better and faster service and experience increased satisfaction.

Said Avii CEO Lyle Ball, “The latest functions we’ve added to the Avii Workspace™ practice management platform are the result of functions we’ve perfected during the past 18 years for the largest accounting firms in the world.”

“We’re now democratizing the availability of advanced practice management by making it possible for every-sized practice to leverage these advanced ‘Big Four’ features for a fraction of what they’ve traditionally been required to pay,” Ball continued. “Now every CPA practice can benefit from SaaS functionality and automation to make their businesses stronger, faster and better for their clients than ever before.”

About Avii

Avii provides tax, audit, advisory, management consulting and compliance organizations with an integrated suite of most-required practice management resources. Avii Workspace is the first true SaaS Hub, giving consultants and clients a single portal and a unified workspace for the functions that drive consistent workflow, business intelligence and communication to propel business success. For more information about the Avii Workspace platform, visit

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