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How Is Big Data Transforming the Food Industry? | Head to Quantzig’s Recent Article to Find out

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Quantzig, a leader in delivering scalable analytics solutions and data science services, today announced the completion of its recent article that sheds light on why food industry players must leverage big data analytics.

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1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted annually. By using big data analytics to closely monitor inventory levels, it is possible to reduce food wastage without constantly ending up with empty shelves,” says a big data analytics expert at Quantzig.

Key highlights-

  • Big data analytics has the potential to transform key operations in the food and agriculture sector and address food security challenges around the globe by reforming the process of how data is collected, combined, analyzed, and shared.
  • Big data analytics has the potential to change how the world will grow crops and raise animals because of its ability to analyze complexities related to food industry and agriculture industry.
  • Big data analytics can present an abundance of growth opportunities to stop food wastage and improve yield quality.

A paradigm shift has begun to emerge in order to spur the much-needed digital transformations in the food industry. Request a FREE proposal to know how big data analytics is reshaping and improving the operations within the food industry.

The food industry has the potential to change the world we dwell in. Every living organism consumes food, and a majority of the human population is employed in some portion of the agriculture and food industry, whether at the farm or in a market, or in some part of the food supply chain network. In a market like the food industry, any innovation and improvement in efficiency can have a long-lasting impact. With the rapid expansion of big data analytics, companies and researchers in the agriculture and food industry are finding newer and better ways to improve end-to-end food supply chain operations. Read the complete article for comprehensive insights:

Big data analytics has no shortage of uses in agriculture and food industry. Some of the more prominent ones include risk management and yield prediction. Speak to our experts to learn about other uses of big data analytics in the agriculture and food industry.

Use Cases of Big Data Analytics in the Food Industry

  1. Farming– In the agriculture and food industry, big data analytics enables farmers to detect problems at an early stage and take necessary actions to minimize its impact. This enhances the production efficiency of farms and reduces food waste.
  2. Processing and transportation– Big data analytics provides actionable insights on processing and transportation of agricultural crops and other farm produce. Big data analytics can also be leveraged in determining and optimizing transportation routes.
  3. Food safety and nutrition– Food safety has become a global concern now; big data analytics can help agriculture and food industry players to analyze and interpret data related to food safety.

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